A Strange Ex!

I once tried dating this guy, last year... it was in March. He was a strange one! He sent me pics of himself and was planning on meeting me, since he lived in Florida. He would call me early in the morning, before I woke up, to wake me up and tell me that he would call me later... Huh? Why call someone 6am in the morning to tell them that you will call them after work? :-/

He then suggested that I wasn't too intelligent or educated, because I played video games. WHAT??? My sister said "boo!" to this and said I should dump him right away! lol. XD

But the strangest thing was... he was talking about marriage and kids and religion, like he was grooming me for a future... yet he never did call me after work, because he was too tired to. So after a few weeks of this, I asked him, "Is this a friendship or a relationship?" And his response.... nothing! He never spoke to me or returned my emails. That's when I moved on and dated Vaughn... which didn't go to well. After I had broke up with Vaughn and was moving on with my life, this other guy came back!

It was months later! He sent me an instant message, asking me how was my mother doing? Erm... I responded, that she's doing fine. And then he asked if I was angry with him. I answered him honestly, I wasn't angry but was confused as to why he was messaging me! I told him, after he had stopped replying to my emails, I kind of figured that his answer was that he didn't want a relationship. :-/

He says, "I don't know. Maybe I do. I want to be friends. I just don't want to be told what to do. I'm not ready to rush into marriage!" And it wasn't me who was rushing him into marriage! He bought that whole thing up! I was just waiting on seeing him and having a first date! lol! I told him this! XD

So, his response was... he needed to think. I left him to it... never heard from him again. And then three months later, I heard that he got married to a woman he only knew for two months... nice! No date for me, he had to think about it, but he'll rush off and get married. Okay...

I never thought about him since! But when my best friend asked me to join FaceBook, guess who asks for a friend invite?! lol. Of course, I hit the "deny" button! What's he playing at? Weirdo! =p

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2 Responses Jan 15, 2009

SW18 is right. If he is that flaky before a first date imagine a life together......move on !!

You are lucky that you didn't go farther with him. He sounds kind of psycho to me! Like contradicting himself, multiple-personality, doing things without thinking psycho.