All Blank

I had an odd thing happen at the club on Saturday.  When we first got there one of the floors was playing some excellent techno for about an hour.  The floor was empty at first, so my friend and I were dancing alone for a while.  Four hours later the club is packed and we go outside for a smoke.  This girl comes over and asks if she can ask me a question.  Sure why not.  She asks me what I was thinking about when I was dancing to the rave music earlier.  It actually kind of stunned me for a moment.  I told her that dancing is my peace time and my mind is usually blank.  She then proceeds to act like she just won a bet and says, "I knew it".  I am used to having people come up and comment, but I have never had someone ask me that.  It was refreshing and odd.

Krypton Krypton
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2 Responses Feb 25, 2009

Heh, thats strange - perhaps you had an obviously blank look? Or perhaps you had such a multitude of ex<x>pressions that surely you were thinking of nothing?<br />
I dont think Iv ever thought about what I look like Im thinking about when Im dancing....

I don't, but I guess everyone is different. :P