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About My Legs

I had my leg propped up on a car fender one night while talking to a group of people at a party. One guy looked at my bare leg ( I was in shorts), and he asked if he could feel it. Ok, I was taken back with surprise, then suspicion. WHY did this stranger want to feel my leg??!! Everyone turned to look at us, so I decided not to raise a big stink, and just let him quickly touch my leg. " Woah!", he said, now rubbing his hand up and down my entire leg! " I've felt Coke bottles rougher than your legs!" 

It was later explained to me that this was a compliment because he was saying my legs are smoother than already smooth glass! 

emerald emerald 36-40, F 9 Responses Jul 14, 2009

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Hmmm, looking back... he may have been drunk! LOL

I still want to feel those coke bottles...........


Yes, I have very smooth legs... when I remmeber to shave 'em! heheehe. And yes, Speechless took more advantage of that feel than was deserved! :O

Smooth legs aaaahhhhh. BAWHAAAA!!!!!!!

LOL, Rick! Whelp, it was either someone that has thin blood and is cold all the time, or it's someone that's used to high humidity so 110 FELT LIKE 80 degrees! :O

"It's not that hot". When I was in Arizona last July. It was 110 degrees for God's sake

Well does that make him a Butt pirate....<br />
<br />
sorry....My bad....Been around my daughter far too much already I see

ROFL! Boy, I set myself up for THAT ONE! :O <br />
Good one, Capt.!!!