hmmm once when i was talking to my best friend in seventh grade she said:

"what if there was giant chickens?! and you could ride them to school?! and everyone rode giant chickens to school?" 

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yea lol. i mean WTF? i have no idea where it came from afterwords i was just like no just no. haha.  i honestly have no idea hwere it cam from she is normally so.....normal. XD that an once i told my friend my fantasy about having little tiny people who would live in little tiny houses an have tiny little umbrella's and tiny little dogs and cats and siberian tigers. and how they would tame birds and ride them place to place....and get attacked by like hawks and Sh*t whom would be like their monsters they had to battle.and then we (big people) would have to have the "little tiny people treaty" to keep the peace with the little tiny people. and their offical race name would be: "Little Tiny People"  i think that was her WTF moment of the day. LOL 

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I had a volunteer come to my door wanting donations to a new childrens fund, and because I have never heard of it before asked him what this new foundation was all about he turned to me and said,,,,,"what planet are you from lady?" Ok so that was really strange

a customer said " get behind me satan" to me a few weeks ago! nice huh!!! didnt think i looked that bad!