A friend's mom told me that I walk like I'm "looking for sex"! I first felt insulted until my friend explained that that was "a good thing" she meant that I was very confident in my womanhood! *laughing* I don't know which was stranger what her mom said or her comment!

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I would have to see you walk to make my mind up on this

My friend was translating what her mom said... so I honestly don't even know if the translation is correct. *laughing*

Maybe your friend was trying to be nice and considering what she was up against she didn't do too bad.<br />
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Her mother was inappropriate and rude. Her mom pretty much insulted you and embarrassed her. She apparently thinks you walk like a hooker or something. <br />
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Learn from it and check out how you walk. If she is wrong then shame on her but if she is rite then thank her for bringing it to your attention and work on it. <br />
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BTW there is nothing wrong with being yourself though and you should be the one to decide. It is very natural to feel beautiful and good about yourself so don't stop knowing or being the beautiful creature you are.

OK? *shakes head* At least you didn't feel gross! That is good!

At work, once, a guy walked by me and said "I want one of those."...and smiled...that was strange...I felt like a doll or something.:)