What Is My Deepest Sexual Longing??

Since this is about me... Ever seen the movie The Cheyenne Social Club that would be #1. Owning the 3rd popular ***** club in a major city -#2. Failing those two I'd like to run into the female, into s&m escapee from SAA, & resembles Heather Locklear or Linda Fiorentino that knows how to really find/scratch my itch. They are out there I know she is.
careful what you wish
51-55, M
2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

The third-most popular place likely serves a better class of clientele. Likely the women are better treated, and are better paid. <br />
The combination of high-quality "merchandise" attracts many men, but the high prices keep many away. The high prices do not guarantee a better quality of men though. :-(

I don't think I have seen that movie, no, Sir. Why would you not pick the first popular, Sir? I enjoyed your story, Sir:) Very nice:)