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You are a Shiraz - Unique, interesting, and sometimes mysterious.

Your friends often describe you as unique, hip, and interesting. You can also be spontaneous and surprising, thinking of exciting things on a whim and getting your friends excited about them. Some may even see you as mysterious - a unique person full of surprises and ideas. You don't like to be "normal" and look to express your uniqueness in your clothes and lifestyle.

Shiraz (or Syrah) has pronounced tastes of black pepper and spice, as well as roasted nuts and black cherry. Shiraz is the Australian name, while Syrah is what it's called in France. It can be an easy to drink red wine, but more and more high-quality and complex bottlings can be found.

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18-21, F
10 Responses May 30, 2008

Ahhh!! yeah!! i am liking your result my young friend! and this is true to!!, - Unique, interesting, and sometimes mysterious" :-) <br />
Thank you for sharing! :-)


12345 spocitam ti vsetko hned......

hahaha !!!!!! :DDDD som proste dobraa

grrrr......tie tvoje argumenťáky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pre mna ??? nie... ja ta poznam velmi dobre takze...

no ale ved som mysterious.......

ani nie :D

it fits, doesn't it?

uuu... mysterious :D