The True And Actual

First of all I am married to a half Native American.

I have had discussions etc. on their traditions, and "true" ways of life

before they were forced to believe in Bibles and white mans ways.

A REAL SWEATLODGE is conducted by Native Americans. I understood

they separate genders. The men have their hogan, and the women have their own. They burn sage and various herbs etc. along with some drumming and other customs they use. I gather this is somewhat how a
sauna would be yet much more spiritual.

I get tired of these white people whom try to adopt ways when they truly don't understand the meaning and purpose behind these traditions.
A perfect example would be that moron they finally convicted up in Sedona. One can replicate all they want to yet are just not there!

aradia11 aradia11
56-60, F
Jan 23, 2013