The Hopeless House

   The homeless shelter in Springfield MO has people that worship Satan and sacrifice goats in the middle of the shelter, and pass the scraps around a pole while making various incantations to Satan. The people that check you in are behind a barred in area and constantly say may I help you while they is very little much else they can do. They have a roll of toilet paper each for 15 cents a piece to sell to the homeless people. They are so afraid to touch or go near the homeless crowd. This is why. On Commercial street there are pimps, gangs Crips and Bloods, hookers, murderers, people that will take anything and everything from you in seconds and kill you if you are not armed. People that will take your car tires from your parked car while you are in it if you don't pay attention for 2 minutes. The people come in by groups of 10, 20, 30, 40 all day long looking for a place to sleep and most of them cannot get in that night or the next several nights because of the volume of people in the shelter. People are sons and daughters in the shelter dying alone of cancer because their parents did not want them. They are fiances of people that love them; but there parents did not give them a chance and went on vacation to Florida during Christmas with the rest of the family except them. They are people that do all kinds of thilfy drugs and kill children and dump remains in the dumpster behind the building. Outside the shelter are gangs of 14 to 17 year old boys and girls that walk in red clothes in groups or blue cloths in groups; all with an obvious shape of a switch blade in their front pocket. How much closer to hell can people make life be for others; or what happens when we look the other way. I heard that the mafia is the biggest donor to these types of homeless shelters. The food donated is rotten and the cans are expired. The medical clinic just next doors has had doctors that molest female patients seeking help. There is a ***** bar just down the road that pays young girls, usually homeless, to twirl around topless while they make very little to live on. Young boys walk them to work from the homeless shelter just so they don't get jumped. There are gangs that prowl this street at night and beg to kill the opposing gang member (color) (red or blue) especially if they are annoying and depend on them for something else. You have children asking children to kill eachother on the most desolate street in the middle of the night in a beautiful Ozark town, Springfield, MO.; while some of their parents are at home crying about their children's habits, or not, while they take these same kids to a Christian church on Sunday mornings routinely. When has responsibility become a naysay to parents? When are people going to take care of their own? I heard of all of this happening nine 9 years ago. How much worse is the economy now? How many more people do you think wait for a vacancy every day at this homeless shelter now? How much closer can the world be to hell now? Is this what we have come to? And when I hear about people thinking about putting their mothers in law in a shelter; would you do that to your own mother if you knew what it was like? Would you prefer to stay there?
Meao Meao
May 6, 2012