Springs Hottest Trouser And Jean Styles

For the past five years the mainstay of most of our wardrobes has been skinny jeans. They are our failsafe fashion essentials and without our skinnies on hand some of us probably wouldn't be able to get dressed in the morning. However, fashion is all about change especially and at the dawn of a new decade - not to mention a new fashion season - it's time for a new silhouette.

After all, skinny jeans were the shape of the noughties...perhaps it's time to move on.

Take a look at a gallery of trousers on the high street.

If you are looking for a flattering and fashionable alternative to the skinny, why not try the high rise jean? Since the mid-'90s, low-rise and even ultra low-rise jeans have commanded denim fashion, a style which - for many women - has been a trend that didn't easily translate from the runway to the real world.

Super sexy, low-rise cuts aren't always flattering or appropriate; the style can work against women with fuller figures or certain body types, and ultra low-rise at the office isn't such a good idea.

This season, the low-rise trend finds a little competition from a retro shape known as the high-waisted cut. But they're not new. Farah Fawcett and Charlie's Angels (the originals) rocked the high-rise, wide-leg jeans in the late '70s and early '80s, and this season they're back again. Muffin tops begone.

For the most feminine silhouette, look no further than Stella McCartney whose highwaisted flares has a soft seventies, Lauren Hutton vibe or stores such as Topshop or Miss Selfridge for the look at a wallet friendly price.

The other key trend coming through for spring is the return of jogging pants. For many women, tracksuit bottoms are sartorial suicide, the antithesis of style but this is also set to change this spring: the sporty trousers have been given a radical makeover by top designers including Alexander McQueen and Helmut Lang, and high-street retailers are reporting a boom in sales of the new, sexed-up style.

No longer reserved for the school run or the gym, the new smart-casual tracksuit bottoms are designed to be worn to work and out at night. Many styles are made in luxurious fabrics such as silk and satin, tapered at the ankle or cropped, and bear little resemblance to classic tracksuit bottoms.

The boyfriend jean- as embraced by Katie Holmes and SJP - has been big for several seasons now and is still going strong. You can take the term literally by wearing men's styles - particularly oversized, faded 501s - but they are best when second-hand and soft, so that they drape around the body rather than sitting stiffly. Unless you are actually slobbing out, it's best to avoid wearing boyfriend jeans with trainers or plimsolls, or you risking looking like a nineties student.

If you are investing in a new pair or trousers remember that - the right cut is key.

Belted trouser jeans, harem jeans, and cigarette jeans are my favourite pant shapes right now. A trouser jean is an excellent nod to menswear, and fitted, cigarette jeans feel sexy with your favourite going-out shoes. Still, recognize that a popular style you like may not be figure-flattering. Trend or no trend - above all, choose a jean in which you feel comfortable and one that flatters your individual figure.

cocopops40 cocopops40
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Mar 3, 2010