Friends Sister

This encounter happened 6 years back when I was in 1st year of engineering. The story began with an unknown phone call. At first she called my friend as an unknon girl wanted to be his friend. Actually this was a prank done by my friend's sister and her roommate. Due to shy nature of my friend he told me to talk. We talked for sometime and I was bold enough to handle her since I already know that she must be knowing my friend and is teasing him. At last she was caught and the talk became very casual and after sometime we all together decided to meet. But due to some reason I could not go. She called me that day and enquired about my absense. I told her the problem and after that we chated on casual topics. From this day we were in touch on regular basis through sms or calls. After some weeks it became a routine to chat with her. Slowly we became very good friends. One day I casually told her that I love her. She also accepted it jokingly. Though we were not serious about this relation, our talkings changed from that day. It contains more affection and romance. Slowly we realised that we like each others company and accepted that we like each other. Later, good night kissings on phone became common and finally after 1-2 months we decided to meet for the first time. Till now both of us had never met or seen photos of each other. This meeting was very strange for me as we love without seeing each other. My mind and heart was very disturbed. I kept thinking how she will be looking like. How I will react after seeing her. Etc. Etc..... Finally we decided to meet in a common friends get-together, and we saw other for the first time. She was not so beutiful, bit healthy and fair. But she has got real nice n big boobs and ***. We chated about our first encounter on phone and on some other casual topics. After some time She asked me to go out out of crowd. We went to Pizza Hut and ordered a pizza. She was very well dressed and really looking sexy in her light lipstick on her juicy lips. After finishing the pizza we went to a park near by. We were sitting close to each other and were remembering our previous talkings over phone. I took her hand and kissed. She give a shy smile and said I love you. I was laying near her laps and suddenly I hugged her. She was very consious about this as that was a public park. After this we went out near our friends where we enjoyed the whole evening. The same night I and my other friends returned to our college hostel. After that meeting our relation became very strong. We shared everything. We know that we could never be together due to our family issues and caste problem. But we never thought this seriously and were happy being with each other. We both had decided we will stay close till our college days are over. Till now we had started phone sex. She was quite ignorant about sex and different sex organs. Being a Biology student I made her expert in this and our talkings has no end now. We loved wild sex over phone, ************ each other and visualising having sex. Due to distance problem of our college and our tight schedule of 1st year curriculum, it was difficult to meet again. We were dying to suck and **** each other. One day before my exams, I was suffering from Measles and was bound to call my Daddy to take me home as I was suffering from high fever for the past 7 days. She was becaming mad thinking about my health and her inability to meet me. After 2 weeks I was feeling normal and was able to move and roam outside. She was so impatient to meet me that one day she called that she is coming to my home town to meet me as she is unable to sleep thinking about my health. so we decided to meet, I arranged one of my friend to receive her at station and bring her to my home. I was so thin due to severe bad health for about 1 month that she got scared by seeing me for the 2nd time. She was very sad and said that I used to be healthy and now I am looking very weak. I consoled her somehow and took her to a net cafe for privacy. She had brought her old photos to show me. While seeing those photos I kissed on her forehead and said that I am so lucky to have her as my GF and I love her a lot. In return she also said I love you. I again kissed her chicks and told her to sit on my laps. She obeyed it and sat on my laps facing me. We were so close to each other that suddenly our lips got locked and were kissing other very passionately. For both of us this was first kiss of our life and during this I placed my hand over her boobs. She resisted at first but soon allowed me to do so. I inserted my hand inside her T-shirt to feel her boobs over Bra. It was so soft and juicy that it was driving me crazy. It was such a heveanly experince for both of us. I kissed her neck, her boobs over her T's. She was afraid to move ahead as this was her first time. We spent about 2 hrs like this in the cafe. After sometime we left and I dropped her at the Bus stand from where she returned to her hostel. After reaching her hostel we talked till late night about our 1st kiss and touch over the private parts. After I came back to my hostel our phone sex became more wild and exciting. 3rd time I planned to meet her on bus during her home visit as my college place falls in her route to home. She has previously arranged a sit for me. I was awake till 1 am to catch the bus. After some time the bus arrived and we were very happy on seeing each other. We were chating normally and were waiting for everydody to sleep as it was a night journey. After everybody slept I placed my hand over her boobs and was cupping its huge size. She was kissing me on my chicks. Suddenly I inserted my hand under her shalwar kameej to feel her boobs. She helped me by unhooking her bra. I touched her silky soft boobs. It was an amazing I have never felt such an excitement before. We were kissing each other and I was messaging both of her boobs. She was trying to touch my penis but failed to do so as suddenly bus stopped and lights were on. Within a fraction of second I removed my hand from her T's and were managing our clothes right. I was supposed to return back to my college hostel from this bus stop. I thanked her for such a nice moment and said good bye to her. After reaching hostel at around night 4, I was unable to sleep. I was smelling my hand which contains the smell of my love lady's deo mixed with her bare boobs skin's sweat. It was driving me crazy and I *********** many times thinking about her. After this incident our sex urge towards each other increased and after around a month we decided to meet in a hotel to satisfy our burning sex desire. I booked a hotel room after reaching her place and informed her abt the room no. After about 1/2 hr she reached there n knocked on the door. I asked her to come in and instructed her to close the door from inside. She was wearing a sexy t-shirt and a tight jeans through which one could easily get a hard on after seeing at her protruding ***. She was looking amazing in her top. My Muskaan was sitting in front of me in a closed room ready to be ******. We were caressing each other while chit chatting. After some time our lips got locked and were sucking it wildly. I was kissing her lips madly. We kissed for about 10-15 min. After that we were looking into each others eyes filled with lust n love. We chated for sometime while she was resting her body on my chest. At a point of time I touched her nipples over top. A current flowed through her body and she was surprised and exited. I keep on pressing both the breasts while talking with her. She was totally under my control now. I slowly lifted her top and caressed her bare skin of her belly. She was getting mad and was touching my hairs on excitment. I slowly kissed her neck from back while exploring her naked skin around her belly. Suddenlt she turned around facing me and planted a kiss on my lips. We again started kissing and eating each others lips passionately. My tounge was tasting her mouth's saliva. In the meantime I was cupping her breasts on her top. I suddenly removed her top to which she helped me by raising her hands. I was seeing my love lady in bra covering her huge juicy boobs ready to be sucked. I entered my hands inside her bra to which she got mad started pressing my manhood. I was touching a lady’s naked bbobs for the first time. I pressed them real hard and gave some pressure on her nipples. This was her soft corner. She was exited like anything and removed my shirt in 1 go. She started exploring my chest and kissing them. She was bitting on my nipples. I got so exited I pulled out her bra and throwed it on the floor. I was seeing a naked fully grown melons which were ready to be sucked. She sighly covered her boobs with her hands. I planted a kiss on her lips again as a result of which her hands got loosened around her boobs. Now I was kissing her juicy lips passionaately while exploring her womenhood private areas. This was so exiting for me. She was also so exited upon touching her naked body.. that she was making some humming sounds....... uummmmmmmmmm......ooohhhhhhhhhh.............I took one of her nipples in my mouth and started sucking like a baby. I was smelling a exiting woman’s aroma..along with her sweat. Her light smelling DEO was making me crazy and I was sucking it very furiously. She was in her pick and was shouting like anything/......ya...prince........suck me....bit it.... I am all had tortured me for a long time for this......I had to switch on the room’s TV to supress the voice of was so amazing that...i can’t even express in words. I was now exploring her body parts...suddenly I felt a hot and wet place on her pants..... suddenly she was trembling like anything. It was like a 220 volt shock for her and for me as well. It was so soft and was smelling....suddenly it striked me that I had just touched her *****..which was already wet........we were looking into each others eyes.....there was a complete silence for a while. Being touched by any other person at her *****....was too much for her.....we were taking long breaths........ I was still slowly rubbing her ***** over her jeans.....she uttered few lines which was so much for me....more than my expectation........”you are my husband whatever you want...just make me your sex are the first person to touch me like this..... I really love you a lot....” Suddenly she hugged me tightly and startedd rubbing her boobs upon my bare chest......she was trembling like anything upon rubbing her ***** furiously.....we again got lip locked while she was rubbing my **** over my jeans...........she was jumping upon get a proper massage for her ***** continued for about 10 min... after some time she fell down on my body completely surrendering herself....she had got a ******......i suddenly moved downwards and pulled down her jeans...along with mine... we both were in our underwears only...i went over over and slept over her by resting by penis region upon her ***** was so hot moments..that I can’t express....... she was moaning.... uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm..........aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh................oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh....yyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa prince I love you baby................I started give pressure on her ***** and was sucking her nipples vigourously........ she was in heaven now....yyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasuckkkkk itttttttt..........all is yours.......... i started kissing on her entire a hungry dog...........i was pressing her boobs with full force.....suddenly I felt a pressure building in my penis....i was unable to control this feeling as this the first time for me....i cummed inside my underwear....... it was so embarassing for me.......... but she was looking so innocent....exited....and was ready to do anything for me...... i got down and went to bath room to clean my ***...she followed me...i peed in from of her and washed my penis....till now she had never seen a penis....she also came and peeed but refused to show me......she was so sigh in nature.... I came back and removed my wet underwears.....and took a blanket to cover me and waited for her........... she came after sometime...having a smile in her face......she had wrapped herself in a towel....i pulled her near me and was caressing her hairs....she was looking so hot...her white skin was glowing and was loking fresh......she had brought some cadbury chocolates with her.... she instructed me to bring it from her bag...i obeyed and opened the wrapper... i put a piece of chocolate in her mouth.....this was her favourite chocolate......cadbury fruit and nuts.... she was enjoying the chocolate after having a oral sex....suddenly a idea striked me and put a piece in my mouth and asked her to eat it.....she was smiling and and gave a light kiss on my lips...and explored her tongue in my mouth to get her piece of chocolate... it was so romantic...we were tongue fighting to get the raisins and was a wonderfull kiss I have ever done...this contiued for the whole chocolate and we are alrady exited...i rubbed my hand with melted chocolates on her chest........I removed the towel....and rubbed it on her nipples as well.....she was enjoying a lot and was moaning like anything.... i then licked her chest....her cleavage area..her nipples and ate all the chocolate pasted on her body....i was now exploring her ***** now...i inserted my chocolate fillled finger inside her ***** was so wet.. andd she was dripping her wet vaginal juices......she made small movements to control the feeling of being touched and exploration of her *****.... she was kissing me passionately.....i was finger ******* her some time and tried to make it ready for my 8 inch tool to get through it.......her juices were flowing continuosly................i was licking her ear lobes.....chicks........her lips...her neck.....i was so so exited that I even given a small love bite on her nipples....she got hurt but was enjoying that...(later she told it was paining for about 2-3 days...) we were eating each others mouth llike a hungry dog.....suddenly I took out my finger from her ***** and inserted in her mouth...she licked all and guided the finger towards my mouth...i too licked my finger dipped with woman was bit salty and a weired smell was that time it felt so good...we were lickeing the finger simultaneously...... Now it was her turn to satisfy me. I gtuided her mouth towards my ****. She bend down and started looking at my fully grown penis. She got surprised after looking at my ****. She gave a small kiss on my penis. A current flowed through my body. It was so gud…. I was experiencing a lady’s warm mouth’s touch on my penis. I was massaging her boobs simultaneously.. she started giving me ********… it was awsome… initially her teeths were penetrating on my ****. It was painful. I told her nt to use her teeth to touch..only use your mouth and ur lips to suck it..she obeyed perfectly and was giving an awsome *******…I was observing my penis getting disappear in her mouth. I was unable to control now.. I was pressing her boobs and was caressing her hairs to guide her up and down over my ****…. I was on seventh heaven now.this continued for 10 min. now she left my **** and gave a kiss on the **** head. now she was unable to control now....she requested me to **** her ASAP as it is buring inside her vagina.... ”prince please satisy me.......please cool my ***** by your penis......its so unbearable now..........” I started teasing her by rubbing my penis on the entrance of her *****........she was shouting and moaning loudly...**** me prince...please **** me......I suddenly made a movement inside her ***** was tight... it was nt so easy to penetrate through a virgin lady’s vagina.........she was feeling pain now... she was making noises like..............aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...................ya I love you prince....i love you a lot...these words were mesmerising me to **** her more harder... i pushed a bit got half inside her *****...i started making slow movemnts....i was ******* my lady whom I dn’t know even few months was just like a dream come true for a virgin man....with fully grown 8 inch tool.....we were enjoying a lot.........pressure was building inside me...... i thought I should continue some more time and will drag out my penins when *******......but I coudnlt keep track of my emotions and timing.....i cummed inside her......i pulled put my penis and dropped my rest of the *** on her belly....she was tired and exited upon seeing my ***.......i fell upon her.....i was now more concerned about she might got pregnent..... she said its ok....nothing will happen....if at all I got pregnant, I will give birth your child....i was so tensed at this time........i dnt want to expose our physical relationship with outer world,,,....and ruin her impression and image in front of others.....i know she was pure.....deeply in love with me....ready to do anything upon said........we got up...and washed ourselves..... I was having a friend studying MBBS. I called him and desribed the situation....he was very close and loyal to me....he immediately asked his seniors about i-pills and messeged me some name.....i told muskaan...”lets go out and buy these pills......” she was not ready to leave me and this romantic moment...after imposing further we got dressed up and were ready to leave the room..... still she was not ready to go...she wanted more......but my concern for her reputation.....i controlled my self and forced her to leave....she lastly gived me a kiss.....and we were again eating each others mouth,....i was pressing her big and soft ***.....i again got a hard on....she pushed me on the bed....and rode me and started kissing passionately......... i was pressing her boobs...and exploring her body inside her top....suddenly I got a call from my friend......our rhythm breaked and I picked up the was my MBBS friend.......he told me the amount and dosage to take the again my concern for her increased and forced her to leave.....and promised her to continue such romantic sessions in future...... i bought 2 pills and gave her to eat one immediately and other one after 24 hr....this was a unforgatable moment for me. These encounters continued and we were mad in having sex with each other. I will post my other encounters with her in the public park if I will get positive responses from the readers…specially from hot chicks……
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