i just said this in a comment in another story and i really mean it..

i would say ''u r not me ,im glad u r leaving ,bye and dont come back! ''

never never come back..i can have the mixed thoughts ,i can remember but i wont let u come back.i ll do my best to not see u back.

amysangels amysangels
22-25, F
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Oh Amy you are a strong lady. many out there admire you for taking each day at a time and trying especially with a real positive approach.<br />
<br />
Some days don't *co-operate* with our plans....but you just keep pushing forward and xtry harder the next day<br />
<br />
( I must confess that I think of you a lot especially when I decide not to have a *crying day, and just try to live a normal day....some days it works and I offer a prayer to ask God to thank you for your strength and inspiration. Other days I cry, and it overwhelms me no matter what I do, and on those days I feel particularly close to understanding how much you struggle, yet you keep inspiring others to keep trying and approach eacxh day as a new start<br />
<br />
I love and hugz you so much<br />

hugs to u2*


yeah ..umm thanks

im not eating everything but is not like before at least.. i think ana(anorexia) would go away and hope forever,forever.

Happy to read this. <br />

:) yeah, go away! *hugs Amy*

Isn't this the best thing i've read in some days?<br />
Yes it is.<br />
Congrats amy. Way to go.<br />
:)<br />