Never Take Your Loved Ones For Granted

I have had so many experiences in life. Obviously some good and some bad.  I still don't know all of the answers to life but I do know that we should never take love for granted.  Whether it is our family, which virtually becomes non-existant as death occurs.  We then become orphans.  Or, those who we chose to love whether on a temporary basis or for a lifetime, we should never take them for granted.

I have tried very hard to live up to this philosophy.  Some people can't handle love.  Others embrace same.  I for one, came from a good family life and am now feeling the pain and loneliness of not having family or a loved one to have my back.

You can't buy love nor happiness.  You can however, remind yourself that when you do have it in your life to honor it and savor it.  It is a gift from God...not to be taken for granted.
mysweetangelbaby mysweetangelbaby
56-60, F
Aug 1, 2010