yesterday i went through a phase that i cant say that i liked. its like i went crazy over little things. i began to think that i had a problem with the one im with. i love her but i felt like we were going to seperate. its like the little problem i had with her talking to her X made me want to commite suicide. when she went off line i lost it i went balistic. in some way its like i died. she means the world to me and i would give anything for her. im good for the moment but i dont know how she feels about yesterday yet, because i havent talked to her yet.
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thanks and ill try to talk to her. and its not that i dont trust her i just dont trust him. i dont see why she still talks to him after what she told me that he did to her. and im not going to put her business out there by saying what it is so i will talk to her and see what happens.

Hang in there and talk to her. She what she has to say. I know sometimes we women like to think that we can still be friends with our ex's. Sometimes I think we don't like the idea that things ended badly. So some of us try to remain civil towards them as a sense of closure. Let her know that this bothers you and maybe she will back off from speaking to him. Most women do not like it when our boyfriends speak to their ex's either even if it is innocent. So she should be able to understand this and how it makes you feel.