Once Apon A Time... Part 3

Sorry for the wait! Here it goes...

Well, after a better nights sleep, I awoke to a glorious saturday morning, at 6am. This presented me with the opportunity of a lifetime, to go outside dressed up. After 5 minutes of debateing it with myself, I decided to do it - to venture out into the unknown.
At this time we lived in the centre of a country town, and NOBODY got up before 8.
So, I took a shower, made sure I smelt beautiful, and waltzed to mums draws with two bunched up socks in hand. As my nails we already a lushous pink, I decided to put on a white bra and panty set, followed by opaque tan tights, then the fishnets from yesterday (to hide my hairy legs). After this, I again waltzed over to the make-up area, putting the socks in the bra as I went, and decided to go against my earlier decision of subtle make-up and went all out! Probably because I thought life was worth lliving and I liked the risk of being staired at ;). I put on uncountable layers of mascara on after the useuals and baby blue eye shadow and black eyeliner, followed by the darkest red lippy I have EVER seen! A bit of blush and I was done! Now, for the outfit!
Now, I'm not sure whether I was nervous or exited but, I couldn't choose an outfit! So, once again throwing caution to the wind, I put on my mum's white overcoat which went down to my knees, showing the fishnets! I put the red heels on again and walked out into the street! I was buzzing! The click click click of the heels as I walked was intoxicating - but, to my dismay, there was no-one about! 8.30 and there was no-one around!
So, rather foolishly, I ventured into the heart of town. I had just walked past the town gates and a car drove past! Wow ! It was soo exciting! Don't forget - I was dressed to impress underneath the overcoat! I started back at about 9.30 after seeing nothing else! So as I walked onto my street, my neibough walked out of her door alone. She was my best girlfriend (and still is) but it took me walking into my house for her to recognise me!
We said nothing untill a few weeks ago when I came out to her about it!
But anyway, the rest of the day was spent trying outfits and talking to parents.
As I prepared for bed and my last full day the next day, I thought that I should be making more of this opportunity so I got out of bed, went to the dryer, and brought the swimsuit back to my room, I put it over the bra and panties, then put this cute pink nighty over the top. It may not have looked good, but that was the best night of my life!
The third day...

To be continued if anyone is interested... Mail me;) I'd love to talk about it!
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