Hardee's Ladies Room

It wasn't my first time to go out dressed, but another post triggered this memory.

I used to love to be away from the office for the day. Once safely out of town I would pull into a safe spot and carefully remove my undershorts and slide into a pair of panties. I'd typically keep my panties on throughout the day.

One day after a good appointment, I got the itch to dress fully for the ride home. Again, I found a good secluded spot well off the main highway and began to transition. I felt daring that afternoon for some reason, and went all out: bra with forms, women's jeans, top, pantyhose, flats, a little jewelry and make-up. I decided not to do my eyes because I didn't want the hassle of removing mascara, eye shadow, liner, etc., before getting home. So I just kept my sunglasses on, and on I went.

I'm ultra narcissistic as a girl, and couldn't stop looking at the cutie in the rear view mirror. My only problem was that my sweet tea had cycled through me and it was time to pee! The sane thing to do was find another safe spot and use a tree. Not me. I was ready for fun.

It was about 3p as I came upon a Hardees. The parking lot was close to empty and my excitement level was sky-high! I checked my look in the mirror and went in (sunglasses on). I made a beeline to the ladies room, and to my relief, it was empty. I sat down, relieved myself, then took my time washing my hands. Feeling the need for something to happen, I went to the counter and ordered a coke from an cute african-american girl. I could tell she "knew," but must have thought I was cute so she stayed cool and rung up my order.

It wasn't much. But it was all I wanted: A toilet, a chance to be a girl in public, and a mid-afternoon Coke. Life was good!

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Long drives "en femme: are awesome. Sweet tea and Hardee's - a Southern lady no doubt.

Carl's Jr and Hardee's are the same.

I bet you looked totes fabulous.
Bummer we don't have any Hardees where I live

Very exciting afternoon Kim. It is fun to be a girl, isn't it !!!

very cute!!!!

u are a very cute girl !!!!!!!!!!!!

That must have been fantastic. The buzz must have been electric. I bet you were high for days.xxx

Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.

As the old ads would say, "Things go better with Coke!"
Sounds ilke a fun time.

I am in NC (Asheville). Where in SC are you ?

not too far away. greenville. do you work a regular weekday job?

Wow very cool!!! You are awesome Kim!!!

Daring in the ladies room, dear. Might wanna check the laws in your area to avoid something unpleasant in your life. Cute little story, though :)

yes, i've since come to realize that there's a potential risk in doing that. at the time, i had no idea. glad i didn't in a way because it would have added a higher level of anxiety to an otherwise exciting experience.

It is such a sexy feeling!

Things like that,make you realise it is all worth it for our moments of triumph xx

Excellent story, you encourage me.

Reminds me of one night I got all dressed up and went to a gay bar that had drag queens on stage. The bar was a mixed crowd. Men, women, gays, straight and trany's I think I was passing as a girl or maybe not. I didn't know for sure. I had to pee and didn't know which restroom to use. I felt it was time to leave and I relieved myself just before I got into my car. Fun night, don't know if I pulled something off or not. Was worried about being raped so I never did it again.

i love your stories. ive worn panties and a bra while driving my car, but never ventured out of the car in public. i would go out to the woods for a walk and take my outer clothes off, leaving my panties and bra only. would leave my clothes by a tree and walk from there. the farther i would get from my clothes the hotter i would get.

Such a sweet and fun story!

Cool story!

I envy your bold freedom to express your femdom...;-)

Another great story. Thanks for sharing.

great story Kim! I loved it!

Great story hon. I now love going into places with my bra and forms in hoping to get caught. It's such a thrill wondering if I will get caught.

Nice story it takes a big girl to be brave

Such a cute story from a cute girl. You tell it well and need to write more!

It is so wonderful to be noticed like that!

Fabulous sweetie

Great read and you must of looked the part beautifully :)I would have loved to have "serviced" you at or on top of the counter that day!

Another good one. Daring yet sounds exciting and fun. Evrr go on datevwith guy dressed up. N the two of you if not just knew you were "dressed up"?

yes! i've had a few dates as kim. it's so fun.

Great story. I look forward to reading more stories about your "fun times in cute dresses."

You are so right. Life is so good when you can go out as the gurl you want to be and have sme fun doing it. Glad to hear your experience was a good one.

Very brave!!!