My Girlfriends House

Now I don't know if this one counts as I have dressed up as a girl when it was halloween to go to the mascarade dance.  But it is a first time I dressed up as a girl at my girlfriends house.  So here it goes.  When I was 16 yrs old I was going out with this girl who actually liked to wear pantyhose.  It seemed like everyday she wore pantyhose to school.  Well must run in the family as her mom always wore pantyhose as well.  One Friday my girlfriend and I went to a party.  She was wearing some dark brown pantyhose with a pair of jeans black high heels and a black silky top.  As we got to the party we were just chillin and hanging out talking with our friends and watching the ones who drank to much make ***** of themselves.  All the while I kept think of my girlfriend in her pantyhose.  After a while and a few drinks my girlfriend decided we should get going as it is late and her parents were gone and she had to be home so when they called she could tell them she was home and not out all night.  As we drove back to her house she was holding my hand and sliping her nyloned feet out of her heels and rubbing her feet.  Which was driving me wild surprised I didn't wreck us.  As we got to her house she said you wanna come in for a bit I said sure.  As we went in she said you can watch some tv I need to change.  I said ok and sat on the couch.  Next thing I knew she came down in some black pantyhose with a black nighty on and some heels.  She came over and stradle me and grabbed my hands and put them on her thighs.  As I was rubbing her legs we started kissing and she started to undo my pants.  As she pulled them down she went that way as well and gave me some head which felt good. After which she came back up and made a hole in her pantyhose and guided my **** into her very wet *****.  Felt so good am surprised I didn't *** right away.  She rode me for a while.  All the time I was rubbing her hosed legs which now and then she would say does my pantyhose turn you baby.  And of course I would always say yes.  After a bit she climbed off and wanted me to do her doggy style which I thought was so sexy as she was in her hose and heels.  So we begin again in doggy style.  After a bit she started to really moan and then she came,  I pulled out and came on the back of her pantyhose and nighty.  After a bit we were kissing and I was stroking her legs. She said I could stay over if I wanted to I said sure.  So we went upstairs to her room and she changed into a night shirt and some panties.  She climbed into bed and fell asleep fast.  I was still alittle awake.  I went to the bathroom and after I was done I notice her parents bedroom door was open a bit.  I went in and turned the light on.  I went right away to her hose drawer.  I found some coffee colored pantyhose that had a shine to them and looked sexy.  I ******** down and put them on loving how they felt and looked on me.  I then went and found one of her mom's bras which was a creme colored one.  I put that on and went to her closet as she had a pretty good asortment of skirts and blouses.  I grabbed a dark red above the knee skirt and a white blouse to go with it.  I put the skirt and blouse on.  Then grabbed a pair of her mom's open toed high heels.  They were black about 3 in. high.  I just loved the way I looked.  I went and walked down the hall way trying to be quiet as I didn't want my girlfriend to hear me.  I went down the stairs and into the living room and there was my girlfriend in the kitchen area getting a drink of water.  She turned and looked at me with a shocked up kind of a devilish smile on her face.  She said well sweetie I didn't know you liked to wear pantyhose and other female things.  I said yeah I do.  She said come here let me take a look at you.  I walked over to her.  She said mmmmmm when you walk you should walk more like this.  And she showed me a more femine walk.  So I copied her.  She said close a little work and you should get it.  She said here come up to my room.  I was excited as my girlfriend was it seemed anyway kind of thrilled about me wearing hose.  I followed her up to her room and she took her panties and shirt off.  Went to her mom's room and pulled out a pair of off black pantyhose slid them on and a bra I swear at light speed.  Took out a black skirt and a white blouse and put them on.  She said her change into this.  She gave me a dark navy skirt and a white blouse and some black pantyhose.  So I changed out of what I was wearing and into the pantyhose and outfit she gave me.  Still kept the heels though as she thought they looked good on me.  She asked if I ever wore make up.  I said no she said well you will start tonight then and had me go into her room and she dolled me up with what it seamed like every make up tool in the make up aresenal.  After she was done she put some on.  And stood by me and said there some slutty secretary's.  I smiled and we both laughed then she turned to me and we started to kiss.  Felt so erotic kissing her dressed up.  We both laid back on her bed caressing each other's pantyhose legs.  We both ended taking our shoes off and then sliding the skirts off and doing the 69 for a bit which was so nice and sensual in pantyhose then we started kissing again and I was between her legs and grinding into her.  I felt her make a hole in my pantyhose for my **** to come out and she made one where her ***** was.  I slid my **** inside her and we started having some pantyhose sex.  Was so erotic as our pantyhose legs were rubbing and sliding across each other she rolled me to my back and she was riding me.  As I was caressing her legs down to her pantyhose feet while she was riding me she was just moaning and breathing loud.  I was doing everything not to *** early.  The she said I am ******* and I felt her get wet.  I lifted her up off my **** and started stroking it then I came all over my pantyhose as she was ******* on hers.  She laid back down beside me and we kissed for a while and stroked each others legs until we both fell asleep.  

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That was a good story I wish I had a girlfriend who would feel my legs in pantyhose


Did you ever get to let her mom see you dressed? She would have made you take them both out to dinner with you dressed and made up.

Gals that have a stocking and pantihose fetish are few and far between but they are out there. I married one and had dated another. It is wonderful to have a gf or wife that loves sheer hose as much as I do!

Great story. I hope you two did it like that often.

Yes very right place and very right time.

right place, right time....

thank you.

great story

Very good and Very SEXY and lucky. HAVE FUN LOVE. <br />

i used to steal panties and sexy bras from my friends moms and neibors i got caught by my neibor i was doing some work for her and found a sexy top and panties in the laundry i put them on and put my clothes over them i didnt know it but she had spied on me through the laundry chute she had a friend over she told me to sit down when i did she reached over and pulled down my t shirt and said whats this are you wearing my undies i turned about 10 shades of red she told me to take off my shirt and pants i was hesitant she said she would tell all my friends that i liked to wear womens underwear if i didnt do it she made me get on my knees and pleasure them both which i liked they were both pretty she let me keep the outfit and would call me latter and tell me to put it on and come visit i loved going down on her i was 14 i have loved to dress pretty ever since