My Feminization Process

When I was 11, I went to live with my uncle and his much younger wife who was only 10 years older than I (my parents had both died in a car crash).  My aunt (by marriage) I thought was a hottie and when my uncle was away (he traveled a lot) she would mostly go about the house in babydoll nighties and fuzzy slippers which I thought was sexy...for some reason; especially the fuzzy slippers.  

One day about 2 years later, I was in the bathroom and noticed that she had left her fuzzy slippers in there.  I just had to try them on and ******** down, took a pair of her worn panties out of the hamper, put them on and slid my feet into those fantastic slippers.  I sat down on the toilet, took one slipper off my foot and was rubbing myself through her panties with it when she came in after her slippers (I had forgotten to lock the door).  Her eyes were wide open when she saw what I was doing and asked me just what I thought I was doing with her things.  I said that I was sorry and I wouldn't do it again if she wouldn't say anything to my uncle.  She then smiled and asked if I liked wearing female clothing and I told her that I don't know as this was the first time I had done so.  She then told me to put the slipper back on my foot, leave the panties on and follow her.  Once in her bedroom, she got one of her babydoll nighties and put it on me, had me sit down and applied makeup on me as well as went into her closet and came back with one of her wigs which she put on me.   She then had me to look at myself in the mirror and tell me what I thought being dressed as a woman.  I was shocked to realize that it was me and that I loved how it looked and felt on my body.  She said that now we would have to pick out a girl's name for me and she chose Gena which is what I have kept these years.

Whenever my uncle was away, she had me dress as a female and began to buy my own outfits; sometimes taking me with her to the stores which embarassed me at first and then I stopped caring what the salespeople thought and began to actually enjoy it.  My uncle died of a heart attack almost 2 years later and from that point she began more and more feminization and I became Gena most of the time.  She taught me how to properly apply my makeup and to walk and assume girly mannerisms to where I could better pass for one.  She also introduced me to sex with a female and how to make love to a woman as a woman.  She is still close by and I quite often go visit with the understanding that I arrive as Gena and remain so around her.

Hope you enjoyed my experience,

Sissy Gena

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very lucky

Gena, very nice story. I sorta remember my first time being dressed and wish I had been more alert when it was done to me. I'm glad you were able to receive the help.

Wish I had had an aunt like that!

So exciting! Wish that had happened to me.

Great story, I grew up wearing my mother's and sister's panties whenever I could!! Loved feeling like a proper little sissy. I sometimes dress for my man now when we have some of his friends over... They really seem to enjoy it too...

Too bad about your parents. I wish I had an aunt like that. Great story thanks for sharing.

Too bad about your parents. I wish I had an aunt like that. Great story thanks for sharing.

wow - good times Gina. So what's on the menu now days? Getting on as girl or guy? Or both? Into being with women or men ? GF or BF ? Like getting it up the *** or giving it - both equal... I haven't tried it - being with a real **** myself yet - My ***** is fun but not very flexible or comfortable . I want to experience being with a Trans or cross dresser or lady boy or sissy like yourself . I'm into the female clothes/ shoes thing too - But usually wer it all under my guy clothes, especially to work. sd

You are so fortunate<br />
<br />

i want to do this

Those were indeed wonderful days!

So Hott! I have an Aunt that always turned me on, and I would often steal her undergarments to use in my dress up fun. I wish she would have caught me.

Terrific story.