Once Apon A Time... Part 1 TRUE STORY

I was 12 when I first dressed in any fem clothing but when I was 15, then the fun began!

When I had just turned 15 I was left home alone for 4 nights as my parents had gone to a spa for a long weekend. THIS WAS AMAZING! About an hour after they left, I went to my mother's draws and searched for the perfect outfit - this happened to be a matching set of pink bra and bikini panties, thigh high stockings, half slip, and a summer dress with red 2 inch heels.

Setting this out on the bed I walked over to the make-up draw and investigated. I hadn't used make-up before but I felt that now was the time to go all out! I put a pink varnish on my nails after shaping them, lipstick, blusher, mascara, eye-liner, eye-shadow and then straightened my reasonably long hair. What a rush!

Feeling so feminine I glided over to the bed and put the bra and panties on, slip, then stockings, and shoes followed by the dress. After rushing to the bathroom twice already in this process, I could climax no more, which was great as I could now be more free to move!

After waltzing around, I did my chores and took pictures of myself - I wasn't gunna misout on any opportunity today!

As it came to bedtime, I changed into a  pink nighty with the bra and panties still on, wiped off the make-up then went to bed.  THE FIRST DAY....




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7 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Wonderful!!<br />
I hope your weekend continued as gorgeously as it started.<br />

i do indeed :)

do you dress in heels and skirt now hope so<br />
<br />

Please let us know what else happened

Please continue....

thats for another story, i'll write it down soon...

Sounds like the beginning to a great weekend, so what happens next?