Once Upon A Time.... Part 2 True Story

Well after next to no sleep - I was soooo exited - I got up at around 8.30 am. It was such a stramge feeling being totally fem, but, I LOVED IT.

So after breakfast in the nightie, bra and panties I went to have a shower. As it was a rare occasion I felt like doing something different. So, remembering my mom's charitable side, I put on my normal dressing gown over everthing else and went to look in the garage to see if the old small swimsuit was still there. To my delight it was. It was a blue flowery onepiece that had grown too small for her. I hastally took it indoors and went for my shower. Pulling it up over my bare body was soooooo amazing and showering in it felt amazing too.

So, after my shower I put it out to dry on a heater and went to do my days make-up and outfit. Idecided on a cute mix of light-blue eyeliner, mascara, blusher, a very red lipstick and curled hair (mine's very straight and black) with a black lacy bra and pantie-set, black fishnets that mum had worn once (and they were in my wash pile to clean whilst they were away), with a light blue thigh-length dress (so I could see the tops of the fishnets).

After more photos and lunch I did more cleaning and wrote in my secret diary.

Then the phone rang.......   " hey mum, yea im doing my homework, cool, bye ". That was scary. I was talking to my mum whilst in her clothes. :)


Anyway, I felt girlie all day and went to bed in the bra and panties and the same nightie as last night.....

The Second day....

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4 Responses Mar 10, 2010

I soooo much wish I could have been there with you girlfriend... ;-) <br />
I'd love to see the pics if you still have them.

Yeah! Great story!

love your story

Defintiely a fun weekend of feminity. I am looking forward to reading more.