Junior School Concert

My earliest recollection of dressing as a girl was when I was in the second grade. The class play for the junior school concert involved having half the class play the role of girls. Possibly since I was small-made and very shy and timid, I was selected for one of the girl roles.

For the play I wore a girl's slip and panties underneath a long dress borrowed from a girl my age in the neughbourhood. My face was made up, and I wore clipon earrings. The original plan was that I use my own hair, which was rather long. However, at the last minute someone brought a wig, and the teacher decided that it would go better with my costume than my own hair. So it was placed on my head and my own hair drawn through to fix it to my head, and I now had long hair down to my butt, held in place with an Alice band.

The concert and dress rehearsal was over 3 days. I travelled to school and back each time in my costume. Going there in the bus the 2nd day I heard an old gent remark to his wife "Sweet, isn't she - that little girl with the very long hair?" I was also a bit put off when a small boy about my age refused to sit next to me saying indignantly to his mother "I don't want to sit next to a girl!!"

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Very similar to my own experience. I bet you would like to relive the same experience again!

Did you get to the place during the three days of the show that you enjoyed the clothes and the whole experience? How did your mom accept this temporary personna? It seems with your hair being that long now that as child you may have easily been accepted as a little girl. Do you have other earlier memories that you would like to share you can always message me if you want to share or ask me questions. It has taken me over 60 years to accept my real self, and my thoughts and actons, as a chil. We probably have a lot in common. Great story, elizabethjane

How wonderful and fun!

How wonderful and fun!