With An Older Boy

It was during the summer break off of school when I was 10. My parents worked full time and the specific week that it began, my older brother had gone off to summer camp for Boy Scouts. I was being watched by our next door neighbor since she was also off for the summer and had kids of her own. 

Her only son was 16 that year, and I got to hang around him that week because my brother wasn't home to watch me. I thought that this was going to be great to hang out with someone that was so much older than me. And he was apparently thinking along the same lines to hang out with me that week.

His oldest sister was off at college, and his youngest sister was at band camp. We started off hanging out at his house up in his room when he had suggested a sort of game to play. I followed him as we traveled down the hall to his youngest sister's room, she was 13 at the time. We went into her room and he immediately began tossing me some clothes and told me to put them on. I was hesitant at first, not wanting to be humiliated by him, but gave in quickly.

I got completely naked and put on a pair of panties, bra, a short skirt and a random t-shirt. The outfit didn't make sense but it didn't have to because it was all girls' apparel. He then said I was now his girlfriend and encouraged me to play the role. He held me close and kissed me shoving his tongue in my mouth. I didn't know what I was supposed to do, so he would have to stop every so often to coach me. I would then suck on his tongue as he shoved it in my mouth.

He told me to follow him back to his room just as I was. I did and we played Nintendo for a while. Probably about an hour later, he stopped playing and started kissing me again. This time I knew how to respond and kissed back, eventually began to enjoy the attention. We heard his mom shout saying it was time for me to go. He told me to go put my clothes back on but leave on the bra and panties. He wanted me to wear them the next day when I came over so I could dress up again.

aphrade2btru aphrade2btru
22-25, M
Mar 14, 2010