I Was Raped And I Liked It....

I was in school with my mates on the front step of the school. Then suddenly the school bully (lets call him rob) pulled my thong soooo hard. My mates just laughed at me and encouraged him. So he brought me around the back of the school and in through the locker room. He pulled down my skirt and ripped off my shirt, I dont know why but I didnt fight back... He then pushed my into the showers and hung me in a wedgie from the shower head. He bit my thong with his teeth until it ripped. He then pushed my into the toilet stall and told me to put my head in (with my face facing upwards towards the ceiling). He then **** and farted on my face and made me eat it, I did. then he stuck his penis in my mouth and cumed. He then had sex with me for a while and when he got bored, decided to go somewhere with me. He cleaned me off and got a scissors. I was worried at first, but all he did was cut my skirt until itt was about 2 inches. He made me wear it (with no undies) and he took off my bra and put my soaked see through shirt back on. He brought me to wear him and his gang hang out in an alley. They all gang raped me and hit me. One put a cigerette between his balls and made me smoke it. Then they all brought me to a ***** club and let loads of people have sex with me for half an hour each and made them pay. 
After that I was let go home and never said a word.

I am now married to rob, he owns a ***** club and has sex at least ten times a day, only once or twice with me, I dont mind because I love him with all my heart. He wears nappies and makes me wear them after he has **** in them. Then I have to lick each one clean. I love it
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What a load of bollocks! lol

Trolls really need to try harder...


I was also raped in the alley to my friends they all took turns and pictures and they like to tie me to the wall and have loads of sex with me and I enjoy every second of it