When I Had Sex

we booked into a hotel. laid down.

we started kissing. and it got wild. he started removing his clothes. and i ********. he was so turned on that he just wanted me laid.

I gave him the best ******* of his life.

he asked me to stop as he din want to *** yet.

He wrestled me down on the bed and took his huge **** and started ******* me. Oh man! **** ME HARD!

I COuld just feel his huge **** in me.

he was in heaven baby.

I moaned till he was soing crazy.

I was horny. He was Horny. and we were crazily *******.

He cummed in me.....

imagine how that feels.

N i rode him. Oh hell that felt so good. I cummed.

We did Doggy.

He screwed my *** like his Horse *****!

He went on screwing me deep.

We had a hell lot of night of *******.

Does any1 wanan try me?
piong piong
Jul 21, 2010