I Just Like The Idea

I don't know why but I always like erotic tales of older women with younger men.

I definitely know that when I hit middle age I am going to share my experience with a younger man.

CumbrianGal CumbrianGal
26-30, F
6 Responses Feb 12, 2010

*chuckle*! SO glad this notion is becoming more "acceptable." And yes. The sex is HOT!

Going by some of your other stories, I'm sure you'll have more than one ;)

Speaking as someone who has been the toyboy, and from the evidence of your pictures, then I think in a few years time some lucky young men are going to be having a fantastic time

good for you! my wife is now 48 and has found two new boytoys in the last week, if they are good in bed after a few lessons she will keep them around to **** whenever she feels like a strange ****.

Wow - you are the reason I have MILF fantasies :)

I know you're making men happy now, but you are going to be the lady that a lot of young fellows dream about when you get older. I just hope your attitude stays the same. You're the kind of lady that this OLD MAN dreams about today. At a party at the home of a friend, the boy's mother, in her early 40's invited my son, who was 16 or 17 at the time, to go to bed with her. He did. We later heard about it from some of his friends that he had a rip roaring good time. When we asked my son about it, he would only grin but never say a word. We're sure he enjoyed it. He's like his dad in never turning down a lady who wants sex.