The First Thought That Crosses My Mind!

I love the female body. The shape, the softness, the curves - EVERYTHING. The first thought that crosses my mind, no matter who the person is, is as much "What would sex be like with them" as it is "I wonder if they would have sex with me?" I imagine how their body would feel pressed up against mine, the soft feel of their skin, how firm are their breasts, are they shaved down below, ... If they are wearing something revealing and sexy it's even worse, or maybe I should say more tantalizing which really is a good thing. It keeps me looking, and I think that keeps me young!
So to all you sexy ladies out there - THANKS for keeping me young!
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2 Responses May 18, 2012

Well put. I love reading the honest feelings from a man. We women adore you for adoring us. --DW

" matter who the person is..." All of your family reunions must be pretty awkward ;)