Good Times

As a kid in the 60's we played outside, no video games no computers no cel phones, and we actually were able to live be happy and survive !!!! We played games, built forts, rode bicycles, cowboys and indians, built go carts and minibikes just funstuff. We had loads of fun using our imagination to create worlds of alien attackers, space wars, car races , mega huge 100 car rallies.  It was a great childhood living just outside of LosAngelis close to Disneyland, MagicMountain, Knott's Berry Farm, Busch every year we would go to each of these parks 3 times a year at least, and Huntington, and Newport Beach  was only a 20 min drive . So there was always something to do and somewere to go and we went and did all these things. We knew how to entertain ourselves and stay out of trouble for the most part, at our house we didn't want to stay inside we always wanted to go out and play. AHH what a life it was no worries no responcibility ahh GOOD TIMES ! ! !
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Love this story.Good times is right.Look back fondly on them.

Yeah fun, most of them had deals for residents of LA Orange SanBernadino counties. as we lived in one of those we went cheap Gee I even rememeber the tickets as Disney A thru E tickets Space Mountain was a E ticket as was Pirates and Haunted Mansion the non politicaly correct version.