(knock, knock) "Can he/she come play?"

I may only be 21, but even when I was a little kid my friends and I couldnt get enough of the outdoors. Those younger days when all of the neighborhood kids mysteriously always ended up outside at the same time. When everytime you heard a knock at the door you got excited because more than likely it was a little buddy looking to ask the folks: "Can she/he come out and play?" When I was a little kid, I loved to bike. Riding the bike was a favorite and I guaruntee I conquered miles of land by the end of the day because my friends and I would just ride and ride and ride everywhere. Just being outiside was fun, even on those dead days when no kids were out. Outside games like tag/freeze tag, hide n seek, racing, four-square, red rover..not to mention the parks, the usual sports....and the little dumb games we made from scratch. Just to be able go out and run around and get so lost within the nieghborhood and the adventure that you feel like your miles away from home...until you hear a parent call your name before dark.
I really think it is a sad thing that alot of kids dont play outside like they use to.

I have a 9 yr old sister and her childhood is nothing like mine was. The computer is a better friend to her then any other kid...she would spend HOURS on it at a time. She would plop herself in front of the TV or her video game before going out to ride her bike on any day. I made it an obligation to get outside everyday as a kid...it may as well have been my nine to five! Somtimes I think like "Is this really what kids do nowadays?" Technology is definitly taking over...and what was supposed to be intended to make an adult's life more convenient, has trickled down to the kids and its just making them lazy. Take a look outside now and theres a kid here..a couple kids there. When I was little there were herds of children outside everyday. Its sad.
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My kids spend a lot of time outside with the neighborhood kids. My youngest wud b out riding his bike at 7am but I have to make.him wait for all the others.