Why Had Is Changed So Much In Such Short Times?

I'm only 19, when i was younger my friends, siblings and I would find any excuse to play outside, rain or shine, no weather ever phased us.
We used to play with anything, anywhere, whether it was in a tree or just sitting in grass making daisy chains, even when we were slightly older we would do homework from school outside. Although we had Playstations, tv's and computers, we barely used them, even when the weather was too bad to play outside, we'd play with real toys, or make and paint things.
Being outside was what i remember most about my childhood especially in the summer months. It confuses me how this has changed to much in less than ten years, it's sad to see that the places we used to love playing in are now deserted with no children to be seen!
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2 Responses Sep 7, 2012

Can't agree more, i know whenever i look after my sisters i try to get them out the house, even if it's just to the park for half hour or a walk to see the sheep in the field in the rain, i swear they crave the outdoors ha

I blame lazy parents. My kids are very young but we are outside a lot. As long as its not 120 deg. out there. Even then we go to the pool.