Mud Between My Toes

Running barefoot on tar roads at the crack of dawn, picking mulberries, stained white shirts, purple on all of us, climbing the clothesline poles to escape the dogs, finding treasure in the dumpsters, building forts in the swamp, playing water balloon wars, throwing mud at eachother on a rainy day. mixing dandelion greens in a pot when we played house, running in for a freezer pop, scimming stones, fishing, you caught an eel, cut it's head off and shook out the innards. Playing tennis against the brick wall, taking my dog to the field to run,catching crabs, riding your moped home with the cooler balanced, grandma cooks the crabs. They turn read in a pot and their eyes bulge out.
Siberia1000 Siberia1000
46-50, F
Nov 30, 2012