"when Mice Become Outdated..."

When Mice Become Outdated.........

Two Years ago, I wrote a sentiment on targeted individuals. It is entitled "Your day is Comin..."

It is a sad road when one decided to harm another human being in a vulgar way. It is another when that "targeted individual" is not guilty of anything. But, honesty, truth, justice, and talent.

This is my story.

At the age of 33 I was put on suspicious watch to stalk me. monitor me. tape me. video record me. vandelize my home. my car. The inside of my home, and my personal belongings. I did nothing wrong. I was a volunteer for six years with Asperger and Autistic adults. A women of character in my old community where I sponsered young Asperger adults to better their social skills. Make them equal in society and hope that one day they could see what I saw. Not a disability. But an ability to see the world differently. And how fantastic is that! To see the world differently. Same voice. Same interests. Same talents. How boring would that be? I also am a lover of music. Piano mostly. My father played jazz--drums. My cousin a saxphonist. My great Aunt--a classical pianist. To be able to put words to music. How fantastic is that? I have always been a lover. Not a fighter. A philospher. Not a scoundrel. A whale. Not a shark.

Be weary my friends. If you are a women. If you seem single, or live alone. If you love nature. As much as I do. If you are creative. If you write. Love music. Love people. See the goodness in all. Tred lightly. If you don't I'm afraid you may be targeted.

As a women, I am ashamed to see so many civilian/neighborhood watch involved. I would think they would have more sense then a few handed out Benjimans to be drawn in to shark mentality. I would think the "women from within" spoke to them. And, in turn, drove them to question the other side. Does the targeted have tapes? Does the targeted have videos? Does the target have family? friends? But no. In most cases, the civilian/neighborhood watch don't bother to question. No matter how intelligent they may claim to be. No matter how many doctorate degrees or "no" degrees. It does not matter. A human being is a human Guinea pig. And if one was to question...

Man or women. Gentelman and/or shark. One would realize that the targeted is lamen's terms for "WHEN MICE BECOME OUTDATED" and a scape goat for the cruelty, injustice, and guilty human beings who did wrong in the first place.

You will see the targeted never fight. never scold. never harass. never humilate. They never lie. They have ethics and a moral compass they value and live by.

Next time you come across a perp. A civilian/neighborhood watchman and/or women. Be weary. Hold your head high and ask them. Would you like to see my tapes and videos of the last 2 years of torment. harassment. Viligence. Vulgarity. And injustice? Its a simple question.

Because the time has come my friends where "Mice are outdated" and Humans are Used.

But here's the difference. We have a voice. We have a great mind. We have choices, and questions. Tape recorders and videos. I did my two years. They only got me on one.

Whose the mouse now? and whose the human? Who is the research? and no one..is silent. Not me. Not ever. And, not now.

God bless all targeted.

It is illegal and read up on Title USC 18. record. video.I did 2 years ago and counting and its a bitter sweet blessing ever since.

Don't ever fear. Misery loathes happiness. If they were happy within themselves and in their own lives they wouldn't have found you in the first place. Happiness never rides close to misery. Misery may have caught up for a brief moment in time. But happiness always over rides itself into evidence that can never be tampered with. When they have to look at themselves on film and video. Let me tell you. It's an eye opener. Mice may have become out dated to target individuals. But rats--dime a dozen ;)

Move forward. In loving arms. Wise people, and good faith.

Much Love.
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Jan 22, 2013