When Does Bdsm Stop Being Bdsm And Becomes Purely Sadistic?

Most Masters in the BDSM community know when the line has been crossed from BDSM to Sadism. I was once in a relationship it started out with me as a normal TPE slave and everything was fine for four years, which gradually changed because he started to really injure me not accidentally but with the purpose of injuring me. In the last six months he hurt me severely twice, here they are as examples :

He beat me with a long handled wooden broom, to the point where he broke both my legs, and did not allow me to seek medical attention.

Another time, he locked me in a cellar for 11 days with no food or water, and in those 11 days, he used to come in and kick me severely and regularly, I was close to death when he finally released me, at this point I was living permanently in a cage 22 hours a day and I had to devise a plan to escape, which I did, and I was lucky to get away. I was literally terrified that, should he catch me, he would kill me.

If you have signs that things are going wrong, get out befog it is too late. I was lucky to escape - but the risk was great too, and my attempt could have proved fatal. Even if you in a TPE relationship, you are in the right to try to escape at this dangerous point - you have a RIGHT TO LIFE.

Don't let this put you off : I am now in a healthy BDSM relationship.
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2 Responses May 9, 2012

I'm fairly new to bdsm and still exploring. I've read stories about things going too far or accidents happening, but I'm pretty sure that guy had some serious demons. Maybe he wanted you dead, maybe he just enjoyed your suffering way too much. Either way, I'm glad you managed to get out.

I've heard these stories before (I'm a shrink), but I'm still always dumbfounded.

my problem isn't BDSM relationships. I object to violence against weaker individuals. A true BDSM relatioship has a certain equality. What this woman is writing about is pure and simple assult or attempted murder.