Better And Wetter Then The Last Time! ;)

on friday evening my boyfriend and i were at home and gave a little party, it was a nice time and we drank a lot! when the people are gone we both want to have sex! he wants to put my clothes out but that wasn't that what i want! i asked him if he had the urge to pee and he said yes i'm really desperate! the only thing i thought that is a really hot night! i said to him **** of me! he asked of your clothed? oh yes of my clothes! then he pissed all over my clothed body ohhh god is this hot! then we had the hottest sex ever! six times he pissed all over my body and in my ***** i love the feeling when my body is filled up with pee from my boyfriend and then i pissed all over his body! the living room looks like a swimming pool of warm pee and the couch was drenched and soaked in ****! i think we had 5 hours the best wet sex! when we finished the room the couch a lot of towels and our clothes were soaked with ****! i'm so happy that i told my boyfriend about my wetting fetish! the next time he want to look at me when i wet my panties and jeans!

i hope my english isn't to bad! i hope you like my story! pleas comment!

pissy88 pissy88
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7 Responses Feb 8, 2010

cool! what were u wearing?

Hot story, you hot girl! I love wetting my tight light-blue girls-jeans in public, and pee the bed with synthetic-leather jeans on! Arousing: swimming in your own pee in this pants while being in your bed! Try it and stay wet ;)<br />
PS: I have posted some pee-jeans-photo's on my EP-profile...

"THANK YOU" I love wetting cloths. I wish you were setting my lap right now.

Your stories are great ... and perhaps you and your boyfriend would consider making some pee play videos? xtube is a good place to post them ...

English is well enough that we get the idea that you like wet sex and pee games. And that is fine with me. ha Ha.

I really appreciate that you are communicating this wonderful experience. Your English is not perfect, but neither is mine, and it's my native language. Please continue writing,

What a wonderful story! Sounds so great and excellent! That is what I also would dream of. It is such a nice feeling: clothes all soaked with warm and gentle wetness. Thanks a lot for sharing your gorgeous experience. By the way: Your English is quite well, and: many greetings from Essen! <br />
Yours, Andi