Wearing My Leather Skirt

This is a tricky one to answer, as it is very hard to pick a best experience, but I think my favourite wetting experience was the first time that I experienced the total freedom of my leather skirt.

I had always been aware that there was no way to wash a leather skirt, so I had always been careful not to get it wet with pee. Wearing my knee length leather skirt had not stopped me from peeing  and wetting myself while I was out, but I always tried to minimise the amount of pee that I got on my skirt by either carefully gently peeing down my legs while standing or perching on the edge of a seat to pee on the floor.

One day I went to the cinema and as usual I was peeing while watching the film. I had pulled my skirt up a bit and was perched on the edge of the seat peeing on the floor. It was not until the film had finished and I got up to leave that I realised that my skirt was not quite as pulled up as I thought it was and I had been peeing on the back of it.

After that I hung the skirt up to dry, worrying that it would not be OK. Of course, I know now that I need not have worried because it dried and was fine, back to it's original leather smell with no marks on it at all by the next day.

The next time I wore my leather skirt I went clubbing. I started off in the pub where I just stood and wet myself standing at the bar, letting my pee go all over the front of my skirt and run off onto the carpet. Later I was sitting in a low chair drinking when I wanted to pee again and I just let loose, letting all of my pee out into my skirt full blast, feeling my skirt fill up with pee until it started to run down the back of my legs and over my feet to again soak into the carpet.

By this time, although I had only wet myself twice in the pub the feeling of freedom of being able to just pee as much as I liked pretty much anywhere in the pub was quite euphoric. Sitting in the low chair with a pool of warm pee in my skirt was just delicious. After a while I stretched my legs out in front of me and felt the pool of pee run down the back of my legs.

Eventually after a couple of hours I moved on from the pub to the club. I guess that it was the cold air, but as I was walking into the club I realised that I wanted to pee again so I just started to pee as I walked. My pee was splashing off my skirt, running down my legs and dripping on my feet.

I spent the next three hours in the club - dancing, drinking and peeing whenever I wanted, drinking as much as possible. Sometimes I peed down my legs on the dance floor, sometimes while getting a drink at the bar and other times while sitting. It was lovely. I had a last pee as I checked my hair in the mirror on the stairs on the way out.

For the whole evening as much as I wet there was nothing to see, my skirt hid it all and I knew it.


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3 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Very good story!! Thanks for posting it.

Great story. Thanks for sharing

What a wonderful experience. While reading I imagined what it would be like to just being able to pee whereever you want. And I imagined what it would be like to watch a lady wearing a leather skirt and to watch her gently peeing herself, peeing on the dancefloor, while walking. OMG! So great. <br />
Thanks for sharing it. Andi