Riding In The Rain

I used to ride a bike to work in the summertime..One day, I had a later coffee break, & the urge was there,but I felt since I was leaving in an hour,no problem waiting till I got changed into my cycling clothes. As I headed for the men's washroom to change, I noticed out the office windows that it was getting cloudy with big black clouds very quickly.. Not wanting to get caught in the rain, I quickly changed into my jeans, & ran outside, & hopped on my bike. I had just started cycling down the highway,when a cloudburst struck with monsoon force, soaking me immediately. Not wanting to be on the highway when visibility was poor, I turned off to go down a sidestreet..

Now,allof a sudden,the urge to pee came upon me very badly..I had never peed my pants in public before, & was a little anxious about it.Then it dawned on me that since I was already wet anyways,who the hell would even notice?? Also,since my mtn bike had no fenders, I was getting splashed from underneath as well, & dirty from the wet dirt,so my jeans would have to be washed anyways. So,at the next stop sign, I just kind of waited, & let it happen,,The warm pee pooling around my crotch, & running down my legs felt soooo god..

As I cycled home, I again got the urge,so I stopped pedalling,just coasted until it started, then kept peeing my pants in spurts all the way home..I dismounted in my garage, & just let the rest run down my legs. While I was standing there wetting my pants, my good-looking neighbor came out on her front door step to check the weather. When she saw me in my garage, she waved, & I waved back,wondering to myself," I wonder what she would say if she knew I'm peeing my pants while we wave at each other?"

That was just the start of many times peeing my pants every time it rained..mmmmmmmmm

Wetone Wetone
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4 Responses Feb 16, 2010

the very first time I allowed myself tp pee just a little into my panties, properly in public, was at a theme park here in England, Alton Towers .. we had been queing for the ride white water rapids, for well over an hour and i really needed to pee, i wasnt gonna lose my place so just danced from one foot to the other, you all know that the classic desperate for a pee dance, .. then it was our turn to get on, as i lifted my leg to get into the boat a little tiny bit of pee escaped but luckily the seats were already wet from the previous rounds and we all sat down as the boat went up the slope the water tipped towards my end drenching my feet, and i suddenly thought as i was going to get soaked anyway i might be able to let at least part of my pee go,, my stomach by now really hurt and i was still wrigglg and trying to hold my crotch but not be noticed.. the boat started bumping about which made my pain and urge to pee even more desperate.. we went around a corner and a huge splash came into the boat, i took my chance and let a little of the warm golden liquid escape.. i knew it wasnt enough, i needed to let more go no one was really looking so i just started to let it run free down my legs.. it felt so good and was really quite a turn on i was surprised how erotic it actually was, another big splash went right over my legs drenching the rest of my legs covering nicely the wet pee mark... i knew at that moment that i had to do this again and it was going to be the start of an erotic adventure to find places to pee and people to pee with...

Nothing better than being able to pee your pants and get away with it..LOL And no one knows but you..Exciting to be so naughty..LOL

Good story! Have also found that during periods of heavy rain - whenever my clothes are wet for any reason - my bladder fills up faster. A solid ground on which to plan on peeing my pants.

Actually, one time when no-one else was home, I started peeing my pants in the rain, & wasn't quite finished by the time I got home..I put my bike in the garage, & was standing there finishing peeing my pants when my neighbor across the street stepped out on to her front doorstep to see how bad it was raining..When she saw me standing in the garage, she gave me a smile & a wave, & I smiled & waved back, all the time wondering what she would say if she knew I was standing there peeing my pants..I could only fantasize...sigh..

I've done that walking in the rain before. One storm had me completely soak. The rain in the late spring was a little cool, but I was warm.