My Best Wetting Experience

Was at the street fair we had here in the summer month of August of 1972.  The crowd here was so extensive that the meaning of standing room meant something.  We, had Dolly Parton, and Porter Wagner, here,  nd as  kid tryingto get throught the crowd was difficult, and trying to make it to the bathroom, was a different story.  So, as a kidat would you do?  I did the next best thing and that was **** in my pants and still walk through the crowd, who'se going to notice?

Everybody, was looking up at the stage.  The only one who knew was me, and I ain't telling no body.  The only one that knew that day, and any time there aftersgoing to be me.  So, that's when I started to wet my pants, and still do to this day, if given the chance.

pepsiboy pepsiboy
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I have tried it, it worked for me

Now that's a shame, what a waste. Wetbiker catch your brother asleep, and place his hand in warm water, and see if he pees his bed for you, but don't get caught.

And by the time they notice, everyone is to drunk to care. And why give up agood seat, just to go to the bathroom, there are crowds there too!