Peed My Pants Big Time

Let me tell you about my biggest wetting experience ever.I have loved doing that since childhood but the biggest came when i was thirty one years of age 7 years ago.I was depressed and went out for the evening went to the off licence and bought some cans and drunk them.I was slightly drunk by this time but not so much that i couldnt stand or remember anything.I had begun to walk home and was realy desperate for a pee and the walk took my through a local park.When i entered i was realy desperate but was also feeling quite horny about going in my pants so i arrived at a shelter and by this time could barely hold it back so just leant against the shelter got a cigerrette out lit it and just let go.Hot pee was soon trickling down both my legs but my red breifs under my grey trackkie bottoms couldnt cope and soon a hissing noise developed and i was peeing so furiously it started dribbling out of my croth area and splashed on the floor below and because it was cold and frosty the pee on my trackkies steamed and could smell the fresh pee.I thought i was alone I WAS NOT!!! i could hear a sniggering and two elderly homeless gents with shopping trolleys looked at me "he has pissed himself the boy has pissed himself.I threw something at them and told them to **** o** and one just said "alright take it easy son" and they just went away sniggering to themselves.After i finished i was soaked and even the lower hood of my t-shirt was pee soaked and started walking when an elderly gentleman walking his dog just stopped and gave me a rude stare but the biggest laugh was when two teenagers approached and they saw what i had done As they neared one said loudly to his mate "Look he has pissed his pants thats real cool and just held his hand out and i did the same and we slapped each others hand as we passed.I sat down and laughed and i needed to pee again and wetmyself a second time sitting down.I was real hard at that time and just pulled my joggers and my red breifs to admire what i had done gave it a little rub and Squirted>when i got home i just took the soaked joggers off and went to bed in my wet red breifs.When i woke up next morning they were only slightly damp but boy did they honk of pee.I will never forget that

Wetcarl Wetcarl
36-40, M
2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

great story. Must have felt great as your briefs could take no more and flooded. very horny!

cool story i peeded will i red it i where diapers 24/7 & where underwere under my diaper nice big pee stane. but my pee was biger baby mikey