At the Roadsend ,what Do You Think You'll Find?


You're going down the road like you do every day and suddenly it just stops and there dosen't seem to be another way!

Is it really all over ? Think, ponder, pontificate, is this simply poor engineering or is it your fate...????

 Maybe a chance for a nice hike just over yonder hill, will lifes mysteries be revealed? Or is it just another path, to go on another way?

Will you be judged, beaten, loved or sent upon your way? Will there be do-overs? But most importantly of all, will all my dogs meet me tails a wagging with their doggy smiles and will they be able to talk? Or can we speak dogese if ya please? All these things and more I wonder as I begin my final climb.

Would that Dark Angel coming, be the one for me? Her smile is glowing radiant as she swoops down gracefull as you please! Why a kiss, is what she gives me and at long last I see ..... Tis just more love , I see. Faulty though I am . I've been recalled to my maker and so much better will I be...

looks like Some of that darkness and pain ................. TBC LoL

Mountainman923518 Mountainman923518
56-60, M
2 Responses Jun 4, 2007

Some good poetry here - and, of course the dogs will be waiting - and I think you speak dogese already. Does the angel have to be dark?

I am sure your dogs will wag their tales and lick you all over. And, as for your dark angel, she will kiss you in the deepest places for the longest time. I hope you find someone to treat you right, MM.