End of the Road?

There's always a turnaround, or the road turns, or there might be a fence but you can climb under or over it.  And if there is actually a hill as the atavar shows - you can climb it.  There's always a new puppy dog trail to be found.  On top of that hill it looks like a pleasant meadow to explore or to just lay down and look at clouds in the sky or birds flying up above.  And, if it's your time to "go" - well, that might happen too.  After all, all we have is each breath we take - so we might as well enjoy them one by one.  Have you ever just noticed your breathing - nothing else?  Inhale and think "ho" and exhale and think "hum" - so that for 15 breaths and see what happens.  Each day you can do it a little longer and it can put your mind out of gear.  I do a chant that puts my mind out of gear "Nom myoho renge kyo" - that is a Buddhist chant that means devotion to the law of cause and effect through sound.  It helped my life so much when I lost my house, marriage and everything I worked on for so long. 
moxiesurvivor moxiesurvivor
66-70, F
Jun 5, 2007