Where Is The Man I Fell In Love With ?

How do I start? I met my husband when I was around 17 years old and began dating pretty soon after we got to know each other! When I first met him and got to know him I knew he was the one! He had something so amazing unique and attractive! We were together 2 years then got engaged everything was stable and seemed to be getting better! Weve been married almost 2 years now (no children) and all we seem to do us argue, sometimes over the most minor issues! I really love him and I don't think it's time to quit! He smokes cannabis now and then and it Definately alters his mood, he's so nice when he's had it but once he hasn't it's like he's an evil monster sent from hell itself! I can't seem to figure our what the problem is, financially we're stable, sex is great! Why does he not enjoying talking to me anymore or doing fun things ? :( helppp
Confusednotdepressed Confusednotdepressed
May 13, 2012