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when people say where were you when john lennon died or where were you when jfk was shot most people of that age can tell you precisely. Well for me that hero was marvin gaye. I adored the man, thought i would meet him later in life, but alas his daddy shot him. When he was shot i was devastated, i had grown up listening to his music since i was born i admired the man and thought he had the voice of an angel. The day his father shot him i had not long started work i was 17 years old, i was working in the town hall in deptford, and i just happened to have a radio playing in the background. I heard the news and actually had to take a seat. I was a smoker but i worked in an office full of elderly workers and i knew they were dead against smokers, so i never let on i was one. But this day i didnt care i reached for my packet of cigerettes and said im going outside for a break. I was in total shock. I still miss his beautiful voice.    

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I had just attended his Christmas concert at the Front Row Theater in Cleveland OH.

I was at home relaxing in April of the following year and one of my best friends called and told me. I clearly remember because I was cooking Sunday dinner. I turned everything off, sent my husband to pick up dinner and we drank wine and listened to Marvin Gaye until the wee hours of the morning.

I'll NEVER forget it! You are still missed, my brother!

It was 1979, 1980? I was twenty six, working at my first job as a graphic artist in a small magazine publisher in Boston. It was a room full of young men & women. We heard it on the radio. I don't remember specific reactions, we were all stunned & bummed. I remember it was a bright sunny day outside.

Even if Marvin had never performed, he'd be well-known & beloved just for the songs he wrote.

It was 1984.

yes i miss him too but luckily i have loads of his records here to remind me what a great talent he had.

Hi, <br />
don't rember the exact time he was killed, but I rember it was A painful time for me, and others as well..<br />
I STILL MISS MARVIN, an listen to his music often .<br />
What A soulful Voice, thanks for your story.