Turning In The Boss

I have submitted documentation through my union of the bullying, harrassment, unfair practices, and financial mismanagement of the director of my state organization. It has been going on for 6 years, and has recently become much more obvious through threatening Facebook posts and nasty emails. Although others in my organization have suffered even more than me, I am the only person who was willing to step forward and file a formal complaint. Since my boss has a large social network and many colleagues in our organization, I am fearful of returning to work on Monday (word just got out Thursday morning). She has made me a direct target by announcing through email that she is shutting down her Fbook page due to allegations by me, she used my full name. My union and HR and her boss are all working to figure out what to do. In the meantime, I must go into a work environment on Monday ready to face ostracism, silence, comments and questions. I am proud of what I did, and I did it in the spirit of earlier protesters working for equality and fair treatment (I think especially of the amazing bravery of the Freedom Riders). I am not an outspoken person, but I believe strongly in kindness, fairness, and peacefulness. Now, I am at the center of a situation where I will be seen as the betrayer, the bad person, and who knows what. I would like to hear from others to hear how they have handled their work environment after blowing the whistle, and if they experienced any fear about their personal safety outside of work. Thanks. FC.
allforoneuup allforoneuup
Sep 22, 2012