I am finding that white men are not much different from black men. Actually, they tend to be a bit heartless. I am trying to keep the faith that there are some nice, single white men. The nice ones I meet are married and miserable because of sexual activity.
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Are you in Texas? Friends?

I wish I had known you then. So Im added?

There are a lot of nice white men but unfortunately there are also ******** too. I see a lot of white men think that a black women is a conquest. I just think how beautiful you all are and what I am missing.

Keep the faith. I fall into the latter category.

Run to hug you and welcome you home?

Runs marathons in your name to keep him fit for you?

Why would he need it?

I think it is the individual combinations, more than the general categories that we place people into. Sometimes two people try and it does not work, and you move on, not because you want to hurt someone but because you don't want to continue the pain that is there. Some relationships are good in one track from one persons perspective, but it is bad from another persons perspective, and if communication fails to make changes in the relationship, then the relationship may have to change all together.

That is the hard part, making "the call" is this one worth sticking it out for, or is the communication so bad, the situation a deal breaker. And even the language I chose here, is sort of the problem in our modern world, what makes or breaks a deal, the kind that will last -

Like the old song by BJ Thomas
"What ever happend to Old Fashiond love"

" Yeah whatever happened to old fashioned love
The kind that would last through the years
Through the trials through the smiles
Through the tears"

This seem's to be something that has been lost with our
modern materialistic and disposable world -
I don't know that there is a solution, until we look at
core values and try to find people who have those same
core values. Some differences are ok, that makes things
interesting, but if the core is wrong, then it is a internal
shift that usually equates to deal breaker.

And now, throw in sex before you have a friendship -
and most of the chances for a friendship are blown apart.

No worries. They are out there! ☝️😉

Heartless? Pretty severe observation. Some of us are pretty good guys.
I think regardless of race, good guys are more difficult to find because the wrong ones are those out there actively looking for you.....if that makes any sesne.

keep using your fishing pole and some good bait and you'll eventually reel a good one in(a keeper)

not a problem mon ami

nah dont ever do that because in that great big ocean of us men fish a nice shiny stud will swim your way and take your bait hook

lol ok maybe at 99 perhaps

there ya go

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Why do you say white men are a bit heartless? Not ll of us are. Do you mean that married white guys are miserable because of a lack of sexual activity? That sounds about right to me.

That's too bad. I think you've been meeting the wrong white guys. Many of us are gentlemen. I'm sure there are many single white guys who'd be interested in you but you just have to meet them. where do you typically meet these guys?

I'm not sure what to tell you. Just try to be active and participate in activities you enjoy and hopefully you will meet some like minded guys. I know that gets more difficult since we're not in our teens and 20's any more. I'm not sure what else to suggest.