I am a 33 year old white housewife living in the middle of small white towns and just complete boredom every day the samething. My husband who works with the transportation department is gone all the time leaving me at home to my own devices my parents and neighbors all think I'm just the most harmless angel they've excused my inability to make white babies because of my petite size and lil ol me is just the simplest little thing. Well for the past two years I've been having an affair with at first a blackman which has now become six.
I haven't had sex with my husband in over a nine months and I keep making up excuses but I'm sure he noticed the difference in tightness he is about 4 inch long so I told him I was using a bigger vibrator but I think he's becoming suspiscous aswell as my dad who would absolutely kill me if he knew everyone I know would disown me if they knew the whole truth.
Two months ago my husband was supposed to be away for a conference in lansing which should of lasted two days well it got cancelled at the last minute. My Man "T" was already in town with three of his "homeboys" "D" and "JT" waiting for hubby to leave. With the news that he wasn't T got a hotel room and schemed with me to come up with an excuse to get out and go over and I chose the "I'm going shopping " excuse. I finally made it to the hotel and the three friends that were with him omg they were huge hung and really wanting to **** me and T wanted to take pictures I remember wearing this stupid shirt my husband picked up on one oof his trips that literally said to my loving wife then two teddy bears hugging then the words your loving husband
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Has your hubby found out now?

Why don't you just cuck your husband? That way you can make him suck black **** with you

It's for reasons like this that I'm glad I'm single and never been married. Russia or Hungary is where I'll do my wife shopping!

Very hot. I would love to see pics ;)

I love it

Very hot and sexy experience. I'm a fan of MILF's and Hotwives (see my pics). Don't know about marriage (again) but, I'm the kind of BBC that will let you have all the fun you want. As long as I get my fun in.

That is sooo hot, women should be able to **** who they want...married or not!

Your husband must jerk off twice a day to be around a sexy **** body like yours and not be allowed to feel the inside of you. So mean! :)

I would love your creampies!