My Trip To Vegas

i went to vegas with my husband in july we got there thursday night and we seen friends friday saturday and sunday was our time saturday he wakes up and leaves with his friends i waited till 5 just hanging out with my gf drinking talking so i called he said to meet him or he would see me later my gf had a party to go to so i said i was going out with her he said ok we went and got ready at her room smoked some weed took some patron shots then she informed me we were going to her ex mans friends bachelor party i was unsure because i have been married for 3 years and never ****** anyone unless my hubby was there but he never got any black guys just his stupid friend but i have been getting lazy **** at home and said ok i will go she said her e would be here in 30 mins and she told me he wanted her not to wear panties or a bra i said im wearing mine we waited then he knocked she opened he walked on hugged her and pulled up her skirt to check for panties he smacked her *** and said good girl she introduced us he was older tall we smoked and he again and took some shots he asked if i was ready to party i said yeah he said good and asked me to stand up i did he rubbed up my leg and felt my panties he told me im a bad girl and to take off my panties and bra so i did he said good now lets go we drove off the ***** to a house it was a big house we walked in music playing a few girls dancing but they were black and one asian my gf told me to follow her we went in a back room and she took off her top so i did too her ex walked in with 5 other guys we took some more shots then he told us to dance so we did they started grabbing my *** rubbing my **** and ***** hers too the pulled my skirt down and pulled out there ***** i was in heaven i grabbed two and started to stroke them then sucking another they told me to stand up then pushed me on the bed face first two guys started rubbing there ***** on my face i was licking and sucking then i feel my *** getting spread open and a tongue slips in he starts licking my *** and ***** as i suck and stroke i was overwhelmed then he shoved his bbc in my ***** and started ******* me hard playing with my *** i was sucking hard then one came i tried to swallow but it was way to much i chocked and gagged on it then the other guy shoved his **** in my mouth while im still being pounded i came then he busted his nut in my ***** i felt him explode in my tummy then he pulled out i started sucking more harder i laid my *** flat and focused on working that **** then i felt hands pull my hips up and slip in another bbc they both came and said i should take a shower and get dress and come out to the party i washed up but was tired and drunk so i laid in the bed and fell asleep i got woke up with to my *** being filled with **** and my ***** dripping with *** it was one of the best and most fun nights of my life i have lots of stories about my sexual encounters just joined so send a message if you want to chat
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you are a perfect wife

Great experience. I can't wait until my wife gets to try this. Thanks for sharing.

so hot

how comes you stopped sharing stories, they are very hot ........................xx

Damn... now that's an awesome story!!!!

I love your stories!

wow you are a really hot **** lover

Wow, what a naughty...and hot, little **** wife :D

What a party. At least once a week, s women should have a party like this one.

What an awesome night it must have been, did your hubby clean you later.

Hi Crissy,
Sounds like the 1st of many good nights xx

I'm your MAN!

A perfect **** you are...add me sweetie/