My Wife......

I meet girl, nothing special, just a girl. She is from my country and every time I`m with her I feel like I`m close to my home! We decide to be wife and husband. Then we was travel all lots, and then she get job, work in the Medical office…. Then I have to go over see`s in business. When she pick me up on airport on my return home, i found something wrong in her behavior, something strange….. Then was cold bed, she goes out with friends more frequently in Saturdays and Sundays…. One day she come back and she smell like *****…. I know something is wrong! I ask her if she cheat on me and I have to know! First she deny, then after hours she admits to cheating on me with her black boss doctor. I was devastated, life stop having sense any more for me. Then she told me she have to go to other city for 4 days. I know she is meeting him, I tell her, please don't do this, stay with me…. She goes any way… Was only me and empty house… I decide to meet with his girlfriend, she was working in this same business and pregnant 5 months with him… She don't know nay think about this happen…. After 4 days I decide to report missing person for my security. Come to house Police Officer for check. I told him every thing, and he decide to call Med office and ask question about my wife if they know where she is. Unfortunately after officer identify him self front desk person ignore his questions and hang up on him. He call Sheriff Dep. to check physically in the office. They call him and found out she is with him….. Sheriff did his job and was not natural so many officer in small Med Office, patient drop the appointments, and was bad name for business…. when he found out she was the reason for this all problems, he kick her out. Then when I was ready to dump her thinks, have call from her….. she was crying and telling me she will kill her self, and she don`t have no where to go….. I told her come to home, thats your safe home…… Now is past 5 years, we have to beautiful kids, and she is the wife which I dream about. Me? I still have night mare and still hate her for doing this to me, I don't trust her at all but I love and live life for my kids. Unable to give real love, just playing my role…..
Black Man don't care about love with white woman, he do this to live inside white woman's all this hates for white race….. Please for give my my style and writing, English is my second language.
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Why the hell didn't you divorce this cheap *****??

If that was my wife, I would've divorced her immediately.

Dont generalise....