Love To Pee My White Underpants

I found this site a few days ago and have hardly been off it since.

I literally started wetting my pants on purpose at the age of 3. I had just been graduated to training pants and was not happy about it at first.

One day I was in the backyard coloring in my coloring book, sitting on a navy issue blanket (my dads) under a big tree. My sister came out and she also had a watercolor book and set of watercolor paints and a cup of water. She also brought her Betsy Wetsy doll. I don't think they make them anymore (too graphic?) She was mixing yellow watercolor into the water and putting it into Betsy's bottle. She would then "feed" Betsy and watch her "wet" her diaper.

This was entertaining for me being that I missed my diapers, but we argued over the color of Betsy's "pee". I thought it was too dark and bright and not at all realistic, while she was convinced it looked authentic. At some point I offered (or was I convinced?) to prove her color sense was off and proceeded to pee in my training panty after pulling down my shorts. It felt so good and I wasn't bulked up by my thick cloth diapers which made it seem much more free and sensual. For the first time I was happy to wet the thinner but still absorbant pants and not miss my diaper.

I won the argument as I just proved that wet underpants didn't look like what she had mixed up and the yellow color was much less vibrant.

In the process I discovered that I really like peeing in my underpants and have been doing it mostly ever since.

I have several wetting memories even before then when I was still in diapers. I have a picture of myself at 18 months sitting on the floor with an obvious diaper bulge under my short pants and I swear I remember that I was soaked when that photo was taken and that I relished the feeling. At about the same time my uncle Bob was visiting and somehow I crawled onto his foot (his leg was crossed leaving his foot just off the floor) and sitting on his foot placed my diapered crotch pressed against it. He started bouncing me on his foot (innocently) and the bouncing got me peeing heavily into my diaper. I wet for a long time as I bounced on his foot and I think my eyes crossed it felt so good. Suddenly I found myself spralled uncomfortably on the floor as uncle Bob jumped up saying some bad words. My mom ran for a towel to dry off his wet shoe and sock as I had apparently leaked with all the bouncing. (many years later  I spent the night in his studio with my brother after a night of heavy drinking and we were sleeping on futons on the floor. I woke up having wet myself and left a sizable wet stain on his futon...payback?)

I witnessed a number of kids my age over the next few years who admitted to me (but never to a gownup) that their pants had really been wet "accidently-on-purpose" One 7 year old boy didn't even bother to pretend it was an accident but would squat under a tree and flood his pants thoroughly while rubbing his hands between his legs and moaning. I was 8 and was so jealous. I so wanted to do that too but was afraid of a spanking. I was as erotically charged by that incident as I have ever been. I asked him why he was doing this (like I didn't know) and he admitted that it felt wonderfull. But when the lady whose tree he was wetting under appeared at the door I threw him under the bus and told her that he had just wet his pants "because it feels good." My face was probably red with longing to do it with him and blurted my accusation so as not to be associated with someone who wet their pants. I have always felt bad about doing that and worse that I never got to wet with him.

As I look back it was fairly unusual for a 7 year old to be wetting and ************ and I now realize the poor kid was likely being abused. I've never forgotten him and feel realy sorry for him now.

I always wet my swim trunks at the beach just before dunking myself in the surf. Lots of my little friends new that I liked to do that and several of them did it too. I got caught at that game several times and had to quit doing it or face the consequences.

I wet the bed occasionaly but accidently till i was over 10. Once I was sleeping on my grandma's hand stuffed feather ticking and woke up wet. I usually didn't get into trouble for bedwetting at home because my mom always had a rubber sheet on my bed, so I calmly admitted to my mom in front of my grandma that I had wet the bed and was surprised that my grandma hit the roof. She didn't stop yelling till I was whisked away to my aunts house for protection. Her son was several years older and I was to sleep in his bed. It was no secret that I had ruined a hand made mattress at my grandma's yet my aunt kept us up very late playing monopoly and drinking freshly drawn milk with rootbeer flavoring (delicious farm fare, I drank a lot of it). They didn't have indoor plumbing yet and they lived in the darkest, quietest place I'd ever been, so when I awoke with the need to pee I was too scared to try to find my way in the dark to the outhouse. I tryed to forget about it and go back to sleep but the pressure kept building until I couldn't stand the pain. I thought maybe I could just take the pressure off and wet just a bit. We were in a double sized bed and there was lots of room between me and my cousin. It worked I moved as far away from him as i could and peed for several seconds. The relief was excruciating. I was able to go back to sleep. To my horror when I woke up in the morning, my side of the bed was much wetter than it had been. I surepticiously followed the wet sheet with my hand and found that it went right up to and likely under my sleeping cousin. I wanted to turn into a bug and scuttle away before he woke and felt that I'd wet him. He eventually awoke and oddly didn't react to the wet sheets but instead smiled at me. He finally admitted that I hadn't made the sheets so wet all by myself. What a relief. I later realized my aunt wanted me to wet and wanted her son to feel comfortable about his own wetting by putting me into his bed and making sure I would wet. As it turns out he was as likely to wet on purpose as accidently and and liked to ********** in his wet underpants, which he demonstrated. He tried to ********** me through my wet pants but the whole thing was a bit overwhelming and I couldn't respond, even though I'd dreamed of being in that situation.

I'm only up to age 10 and the hottest and sexiest pants wetting memories will have to wait for another post because its very late.

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They do make adult sized training pants. Just visit some of the sites that cater to our fetish. But I found that the IDEA of wearing thick absorbent cotton pants was way better than the experience of wetting in them. I much prefer ordinary cotton briefs. Also they take forever to dry!