Who Am I??

Who am I? Who am I really?
I mean I know my name, age, where I live, who my parents are, what I am studying, what I am doing etc etc.
But thats not who I am.. These things do tell about me, but thats not who I really am...or is it?

Right now, I really dont know.. When I close my eyes n think about this, so many images get jumbled up and I cant even see myself clearly..
Have I lost myself somewhere along the way? I guess.. But then when, where?
I wish I could go back n change everything that led to losing myself..
Why am I unable to do anything? Even the things that I really want to? Why am I not feeling that 'burning desire' or 'passion' as they call it?
I feel lost, totally lost....surrounded by a whirlwind of questions!
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5 Responses Sep 11, 2012


lol i guess things have changed for you now.

i had those questions too when i was in college and by seeking the answer it lead me to spirituality and god.neutral is the best place.

I can relate to you in so many ways.

honestly thats the question that many poeple dont even ask themselves through their lifes . and its an serious issue for you today,
you start thinking about it , its your concern , i asked the same question myself a couple years ago and know when im looking back i undrestand that i learn many thing ofcourse there is a lot to learn and always will be .. but im more mature today campare with the people around me in the same age

u're right i feel the same its like losing something that u cant get it back

we all are on the same quest as you are to find who we are

jus be patient and strong u will find a way to be what you are