Moral Case Of Sex Before Marriage

Few friends were talking about the same, which in-turn triggered me to pen down what is happening around the world.

Sex Before marriage is a tout among Indians and the rest of the World and is considered immoral by human beings and its ambassadors. But what said and done is totally two different in the eyes of the world, until the commoner and the ambassadors get exposed. In school and all we are taught to abstinence from sex and hence create a negative attitude towards sex while this fully depends on the personnel's communicating it. Most of the time at the age is considered highly punishable and there by encouraged to abstain from it. Nowhere in the world is expressed as a normal growing up thing and is encouraged to take responsibility of the actions he or she does with mutual consent. Blame it to the fanatic politicians and law makers no one wants to talk to out, BUT EVERYONE DOES IT. few accept it.

Coming to the story line , what is everyone's thought on this subject here in this site. is Adolescence punishable for the act of mutually expressing one's craving or urge to mate, or is it damned punishable. Every kid is exposed to today's environment , he or she moves to manhood or woman hood much early than their parents, thanks to modern technology, The hormones tend to be active much early in life than later. Are they to blame, No perhaps not, it part of growing up. but we should guide them according and tell them the outcome if it if not handled carefully, the friendship will in-turn make enemies out of human beings.

But also the fact remains for th "URGE TO REPRODUCE " which plays on human body without the person coming to know of the fact and it plays as courtship, romance and the end result is SEX of-course. Can anyone deny it NONE perhaps... Those who does not agree with this are those who .... i need not spend time it. If SEX to Courtship was not at all enjoyable there would have no humans lefts in this world, that's for sure.There was this debate on a Gulf News Channel by a Non Resident Indian station, as to the deliberate exposure of women by there husbands and Boyfriends and in turn spoiling the society in the modern age of Internet. and the means to curb it. My response to the same was to deactivate the portion of brain where we have this activity going on at birth itself. Its easy and future problems to the issues of sex related can be avoided, in time we will be all extinct like the dinosaurs

This was the same issue which was faced by the printing press. Everyone forgot , how did we overcome it. Did we actually overcome it.? Only time can tell.

At a later age i got exposed to sex, It was a simple incident , My cousin sister was on holiday from gulf again , she lived there with the parents and was spending her holidays with her grandparents, I happen to be their too, we were playing and she fell and broke here skin on her knee , which was exposed due to wearing a short skirt, She was too old for her age and has developed cute thighs and legs. she was screaming on her top of the voice and in the end put some medicated powder on it and that subdued her yelling. couple of weeks passed by she mentioned to me that her wound is itching and i told her well wash it , that soothed her , well in those days one never knew that as the wound heals , it kind of form flakes and fall off, The itching increased the following day, She suggested to use a feather to be used as she did not want to scratch it. we agreed and she lifted he leg over the parapet and to my full glow saw her polka dotted panties and nicely toned thighs. i was amazed to see her lift her leg as no girl till my age had the guts to do that . she handed me the feather and commanded to act with the dove feather. she felt relief and i was excited too.... we continued that till one day she asked me to help her peel of the skin. again i had the first view of her vagina , nice and tight under her skirt , with very careful movements , i help her peel of the dead skin and she felt great relief. she was giggling all the time.

This is the first instance where upon exposure and pleasure for both without any physical contact.

Is this Evolution in process or deliberate or Just luck.. The readers can comment.

More to follow.

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This is how things start

Though i am a newbie here, each experience is a learning, also people like you explain it so interestingly!

very nice

nice story