I Am Iris


My son at the university and I am proud of him, he is my only child and I give to him everything I can possibly can, like all parents we are Happy for our children and the goals that they set for themselves. I help him as much as I can whenever he needs my help.
I was once married and today I am happy with my life, I operate my own family business, it may not be the biggest business, it is for me. All who work for my company are happy with their lives and they are able to take care of their families. They are very proud of being able to have a job today where as there are many without a job. I cannot help everyone, I wish I could. We all know that not possible, I have a very good friend who dreams big dreams, he came up with an idea to put several millions to work, except no one listens to him. He has sent letters to those in power, except the people that work for those in power must have misplaced his letter or they dump it into their waste basket. Whichever it maybe, I read his mail often and the ideas, he has been awesome. Problem solving is what he understands, he holds no degree, yet he has the insight to see what the problems are and how to fix them. I told him to write a book maybe someone will read it and hire him to create all those jobs for the people. He tells me he is not a genius, I tell him I am looking at a person and that person that I am looking at is a genius. He is a genius, or how in the world can he see what others do not see and that is because they are looking at it from another direction and cannot see what right in front of them. They are like mice who can only see what is right in front of them and are fearful of what they cannot see or understand.

I came here before I inherit this small business, I was at the time having a hard time and worried about how I was going to make ends meet. Rent Bills, Phone Bills, Car Insurance Bills, Tags for my car, new clothing for my son, school material that he needed, a computer for him to be able to do his work. Bills, Bills, bills seem for me to have no end. I was buried under piles of Bills. Taken the city transit bus to work, working for someone else and if I were late, I have Hell to pay for being late, I needed every cent I earned working in an office. Working and having every eye on me as I walk into the office.

Now I don’t have those problems any more and I just want you to know? I don’t have to stay here, I can leave any time I want. I have made a lot of friends and many have my problems. I don’t have to hide in the closet anymore. Writing what I do or have done, is in a way therapy for me. I know the time will come I will leave here and be on my way as everyone goes some time. I enjoy sharing what I have done and many seem to hunger for the stories I write, there are the few who understand me, better then those who cannot understand why I write.

Showing to my fans how I dress and what I wear, it is because I want you to know and understand me. I like and enjoy sharing my self and my apparel to all of you. I have written and showed to all of you the kind of shoes I have shared the clothing I wear, many of my photos are old ones when I was having a hard time and the home where I once lived, which I no longer live in that home. That was the house I was renting, I now own three homes. Traveling something, I enjoy doing, most of the time I am on a business trip.

Yes I am young and I have a fabulous figure and I wear my clothing to fit my body, some times my business suites are skin tight and others are not. I have very special friends who knew me when the chips were down and they are still my friends. I visit with them when we get together and we do a lot of shopping together. They have their own businesses as I do. I live in what you call upper middle class. I paid my dues and I can enjoy living my life. I am not looking for any hookup or wanting to have a relationship, as I have a relationship just living my life. Also to all of you I am voting for OBAMA, because I like him. He is good for the USA, and understands what the people need to become aware of, like he told everyone how the House and United States Senate work. Who holds the power of the House and United States Senate, if they are GOP and they are the majority in both places, then for him having the Bills pass will be block by both? That is why if you are going to vote and you are Democrat, you have to vote for all who are of the Democrat Party, so that the President can get the things he told you he would do for you. Do your part and his promises he gave to you will happen.

I am first a woman and a citizen of the United States, I like and enjoy all of you who have become my friends. When I have the time, I write the letters you requested an answer to. I read everything you write to me and I am sorry if I did not get to your letter (e-mail as soon as you may have wishes of me to.) I have my life just like you have your life, you enjoy doing the things you like doing. When you e-mail me and request this or that. I do write back to you and do my best to explain for you why this or that.

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4 Responses Sep 23, 2012

Very frank, well written, clear and so true. One will never say enough what self employed people bring to our society ! You seem to be an extremely courageous person, Iris, and I will read your most intimate stories later. By the way, John and myself (Tina) would love your comments (and rate them up if you like them) on our stories. We will act similarly with your own experiences and look forward to some more writing. Regards, Tina

YES. I too support our President. Pls. friend me. xx Jo

Thank you for sharing. You should be the new Obama girl! He would get reelected for sure!
BTW, you could do worse than a friend like me! Just saying....

Ya well the way Mitt's going I could be the Obama girl and it wouldn't hurt Obama's campaign!

I would really love to see your pics!

i am very impressed what you have done with your life i shared some of my life with you i worked as a courier driver but last year i got very ill doctors had me dead 2 different times from heart attacks due to pneunonia i had to leave Connecticut because of the cold i am now disabled living in South Carolinai love it herei admire intelligence and i know you are smart and i am happy you have done so well and i love your personality i just want your ideas on somthing i want you to go on the iinternet and look up Illuminati ppl or Illuminati governmenttell want to see what you think hugs vinny

your welcome Iris a beautiful woman in so many ways there is a lot of good in you i admire the person you are and more just someone special to me and like i said i don,t know why but you are to me just someone who is beyond most ppl in your mind eso you dot a special gift from GOD